Emiliano Padron

Emiliano PadronEmiliano Padron joined Law Offices of Mark Deniz, APLC in March 2015. While working at The Law Offices of Mark Deniz, Emiliano studied at the University of San Diego to obtain his paralegal certificate. Emiliano is in charge of coordinating with the prosecution and the DMV to obtain discovery, inquire the status of the clients and scheduling DMV hearings. Emiliano also interviews witnesses, drafts subpoenas, discoveries and declarations.

Prior working with The Law Offices of Mark Deniz, Emiliano worked for Sharif Faust Lawyers, where he learned about family and business law. Emiliano was in charge of the administrative work. He served pleadings, discoveries, motions to various courts in San Diego. He helped Attorney's Sharif and Faust prepare for trial.

Emiliano Padron graduated from San Diego State University in 2012 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in International Security and Conflict Resolution from San Diego State University. In 2015, Emiliano Padron graduated from the University of San Diego with a paralegal certificate approved by the American Bar Association.