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An individual could open a credit card with varying limits depending on the factors which decide if they qualify for a credit card or not.
With an Amazon credit card, or any other credit card, they could purchase Amazon gift cards and simply transfer them over to an account.


Apple offers a credit card through Barclaycard (the bank or
financing company behind it) which offers 12 months no interest on a purchase from $199-$1998 or 18 months no interest on a purchase $1999 or greater. Their available financing looks like it would have to be a one time purchase of something specific and then they can pay it off during the promotional time frame or be have to pay a higher than market rate interest.


Costco refers members interested in credit to American Express. Gift cards to Costco could be purchased with a credit card to anywhere

Various Credit Cards:

Credit cards vary and it really comes down to someone's credit on being accepted, how great of limit, and if they are only able to purchase
gift cards (indirect transfer into hard currency) or if they could pull out a
cash advance on it. The other option is for you to adopt a credit card
processing application but then they will be taking their 2-4% to process the transaction but the dollars would go directly to your account. Personal loans from banks or credit unions provides better interest rates but may only be available up to a few thousand dollars for a straight signature loan possibly more if collateral could be provided. Banks can draw a signature loan's payments out over 2-4 years.

Offers a personal loan with a payment plan. The plans vary depending on factors (primarily credit score). They offer interest rates from 6.78% to 29.99% on the loans. :

Offers payment plans and the interest rate is variable. The financing contract is between the client and them and their terms and conditions state that the borrower hires the lawyer of their choosing and mylegalloan is not responsible for or involved in any disputes between the client and lawyer; they only provide the cash. :

Similar to Lending Club with comparable rates and is also ran on a peer to peer basis of investors with a solid payment plan.


Students get better deals for credit cards than most of the general public. Students should check at options due to better financing and obtaining credit.

These are the top options for partial or complete funding of fees. For those with lower credit scores, a lot banks are pretty liberal with signature loans up to a couple of thousand dollars without any collateral as long as a person has a decent employment history and has banked with the institution for any reasonable
amount of time. I hope this helps in your search for a situation that no one can expect and save up for.