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"He did what I hoped for..."

I was accused on taking items from a popular department store. They say I took expensive items so the dollar amount was high. The prosecutor charged burglary and theft. Mr. Deniz met with us and gathered character letters from people who know me. He met with prosecutors and told them about me. He got me started before the meeting with volunteer work. By the second hearing they were willing to dismiss the case in a few months. I knew I made a mistake and took responsibility for it. However, Mr. Deniz ensured the event would not harm her down the road. He was great. Anonymous, Former Criminal Defense Client

"Commendable attorney, positive results..."

I found Mark online and was extremely pleased with the result he got for me. I had no previous record and was unsure about the process. I was charged with a misdemeanor DV charge was scared about having anything on my record. He met with me in person and walked me through the process. He got my charges reduced to anger management classes and a fine. I hope not to have to use his services again but will absolutely share his info with anyone I know facing a criminal charge. A++ experience, A++ attorney Anonymous, Former Domestic Violence Client

"Reduced fine and probation with no jail..."

I was lucky to find Mark. I was scared about losing my job from this. Mark resolved the matter without me losing my job or too much skin off my back. He always communicated with me and let me know I was a priority. I hope never to be in a bind again, but if I am I am calling him. Anonymous, Former Client


I did not want to go with the public defender. I interviewed several lawyers about my situation. Mr. Deniz worked with me on the finances so I could afford a private attorney. I was able to get out of a situation where I could of been in trouble. Nick, Former Client

"Masterful Performance..."

I thought I was in trouble and was heading into jail for a week or two at least. I did not want to lose my job or be away from the kids. He came in and took control of the situation. I felt the case was always being looked on and there was constant progress. I was glad to be his client and was able to get this behind me. He worked with me on payments. I felt very satisfied and would refer him to other people if they get in a jam. Anonymous, Former Client

"Happy and Satisfied..."

Mark Deniz did an exceptional job on my case. I had a DV case and was initially charge with a Felony. I was FREAKING out as I have never been charged with a crime. I knew I had to get an attorney because honestly I felt I was innocent of all the charges and if convicted my life would be wrecked. I found Mark off some website and immediately called him. He set up a free 30 min consultation in which I explained my case to him and he offered solutions on how he could help. He broke down the cost in increments, (the package submitted before charges are placed against you, the pretrial and trial.) We never got to the pretrial or trial because he was able to have the DA not press charges against me. I feel extremely satisfied with how Mark handle my case so far. Best of all he didn't charge a ridiculous price, it was fair and well worth it. Thanks Mark for doing an awesome job on my behalf. Michelle, Domestic Violence Client

"He took care of me..."

I had a DUI charge with a high blood alcohol level. I wanted trial unless there was a situation that worked for me. Mark kept me informed of every step along the way. We pushed for trial. After several hearings and two days before trial the DA calls us with an offer I could not refuse. Mark was ready for trial and I only took the offer because it was that good. Our defense was ready for trial. I felt that he was always one step ahead. You cannot go wrong with him. Anonymous, Former DUI Client

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