What Our Clients Are Saying

Mark Deniz is a God send


Posted by zoebooke on Jun 9

I got myself in a situation that I felt was going to ruin my life. After being in jail I just thought about having to go back in there. I thought I would lose my job and I would not recover from this. I talked to other attorneys and some were about money and some were just meh. Mark knows what he is doing. Mark responded to my questions. Once I signed he was getting back with me with all the questions I had. He took care of me. He is my hero. I highly recommend.

Why I Choose Mark Deniz


Posted by Christian on May 29

When searching through DUI Lawyer's I spoke with 7 potential lawyers. I choose Mark for 2 reasons:
- First, he offered great advice for free over the phone that would help my case regardless of if I choose him or not.
-Second, (most important to me) he didn't sugar coat anything. He told me exactly what the worst case outcome could be. This put me at ease because I understood what to expect and wasn't blindsided by anything.

Looking back at the case, I am glad I had Mark in my corner. He was aggressive and fought to get me the best possible outcome. He was reliable and easy to contact. That doesn't mean he answered every call but he did get back to me before the day was over.
Marks insights and knowledge about DUI defense is likely so strong from his time as a prosecutor. He knows his stuff in and out. He has good relationships with the Judges and Prosecutors that are likely to be handling YOUR case! If I had known these things about him before I wouldn't have talked to 6 other lawyers.

End Result: I had a BAC .13, got a wet reckless with no stipulations, and the DMV took my license for 4 months. ( I got it back after 1 month on work related permit but extended the 4 month to 6)

In short, if you need DUI help pick Mark Deniz! He is honest, hard-working, and knows people. He took my .13 to a wet reckless with no stipulations (court didn't take my license, no community service, etc).

Excellent Attorney


Posted by Patty on May 11

This was our first time ever needing legal assistance. From the moment we met Mark we knew that we were in good hands. I am a very hands on and you could say a very impatient person.... I did not feel the need to follow up with Mark or remind him to do things. He handled my matter with a positive outcome. and his staff was friendly and easy to work with . Hope to never need his services but if the need arises I will be contacting Mark.