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When someone pleads guilty, they are often placed on probation.  Depending on the crime, probation can be “formal” or “summary”.  Formal is normally when you are assigned a probation officer who you periodically meet.  Summary probation is non-supervised probation and nothing more is needed if you abide by your terms of probation.

In both cases, you can terminate probation early.  I make the motion with ALL of my clients to terminate probation early.  The worse they can do is say no.  So, why would you want to terminate probation?  Let me count the ways:

1. You get off probation- It helps to move on from the incident.  It allows you to move along the expungement process.

2. IF…(I say IF) you get in trouble again, the prosecution cannot revoke your probation (which would likely result in more punishment).

The court can terminate probation,“when the ends of justice will be served thereby“…

It is vital to get your attorney to be your advocate in court in this phase.  Tell your story on how it is best for the community to allow you to move on.  As a former prosecutor I know the arguments the prosecution will make.  It is best when you have your answer ready in hand.  Do not wait.  I tell my clients to mark their calendar about halfway through their probation, because we will be trying to get them off probation.

Good luck!

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