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San Diego DUI focus Driving on a suspended license courthouse stings

by | Dec 24, 2013 | DUI Cases |

As a former prosecutor I cannot tell you how often I was preparing for a San Diego DUI trial when I would find out the individual picked up a suspended license case.  San Diego DUI cases can be challenging for a prosecutor (with the right attorney), but a suspended license case is much easier.  The suspended license case was leveraged and usually the case resolved.,

Now that I am defending individuals accused on San Diego DUI cases I try to make sure they do not get in trouble while their San Diego DUI case is being litigated.  This includes driving when their license may be suspended.  A suspended license conviction for DUI related issues comes with more custody time than the DUI.

There is a chance the DMV suspends your license temporarily during the course of a San Diego DUI case.

It is important that your attorney arranges the possible suspension time in a manner where you are prepared for it.  Law Enforcement will sometimes go looking for suspended drivers.  This is one reason for checkpoints as well.  I have seen police wait outside the MADD and DUI programs for drivers.  Here is a story where law enforcement did that in Orange County.

Courthouse Sting Nabs Five DUI Offenders

Five convicted drunken drivers were arrested Thursday at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach for driving on a suspended license.

Five convicted drunken drivers were arrested Thursday in an Orange County sheriff’s sting at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach targeting defendants who drive despite having a suspended license.

After they appeared in court, the suspects were followed to the parking lot by plainclothes members of the “Avoid the 38” anti-DUI task force, said Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock.

“If the defendant entered a vehicle and drove away, uniformed deputies stopped the vehicle and arrested the defendant for driving on a suspended license,” Hallock said.

All five suspects were cited at the scene and released, while their vehicles were impounded for 30 days, Hallock said.

Avoid the 38 is named for the number of county law enforcement agencies that participate.

When you are navigating through your San Diego DUI case it is important to be aware of the situation and stay in contact with your San Diego DUI attorney.

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