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Attorney Jessica Enriquez is an important part of the firm, which she joined in 2013.  Jessica is “special counsel” to the firm and assists in the day to day operations.   A former prosecutor intern, Jessica Enriquez has always cared about our community and the people in it. While moving to the defense side of the courtroom, she emphasizes representing “the People” ~ as in the protection of civil liberties and zealous enforcement of the Constitution. Owner Mark Deniz heard about the bright attorney from the administration of her law school.

Firm owner Mark Deniz states, “After meeting her and seeing her desire and efficiency I knew her star was bright.”  Jessica was a former UCSD water polo and crew team member.  She loves surfing and can be likely seen active in and around various San Diego beach communities. She has both a Juris Doctorate and masters degree (criminology).  Jessica has done everything from draft and argue complex motions to investigations.  She has helped the firm provide amazing results to dozens of clients.

Here is some tidbits on Jessica:

·Favorite vacation destination? – My dream vacation destination is a trip around Southeast Asia, especially because I two of my best friends just moved to Singapore and have been raving about their culinary adventures. I have a Mason jar in my closet where I deposit $10 from every paycheck into the fund.

·Favorite sports team – My favorite sports team is the UCSD women’s waterpolo team, since I played Triton polo back in the Paleolithic era, when I was much more nimble and could tread water and perform squats and cleans like a champ.

·Favorite movie – Amelie, which is a French film with Audrey Tatou It is visually stunning, has a wonderful soundtrack, and demonstrates the lengths of human compassion in the most mundane daily activities.

·Favorite food – Spicy Thai noodles, boba milk tea and mango sticky rice.

·Favorite thing to do – I am never happier than when I am floating on my surfboard in the Pacific Ocean.

·Why did you want to get into law? – I have wanted to become an attorney since I was in high school. I have always been passionate about the law and after writing a Master’s Thesis on human trafficking and working as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, I was ready to embark on the journey. The real reason however is that I will never win an argument with my mother, so if I might as well try to win one in court.  

Mark Deniz summarizes her contributions to the firm by saying, “Jessica has been invaluable in providing service to the clients.  Her dedication to justice is infectious.  I can see Jessica moving on to lead a non-profit or taking a position where she will be able to help people. When this happens she will be sorely missed.  In the meantime, the firm will continue to find every way to utilize her talents”.

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