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How a San Diego DUI affects Truck Drivers

by | Feb 3, 2014 | DUI Cases |

Although a San Diego DUI impacts everyone seriously, the commercial motor vehicle driver, class A, can suffer the greatest consequences as a result of being convicted of driving with alcohol and/or drugs.It is essential as a San Diego DUI attorney in navigate the client through the process.  A person needs to find out the extent of how this event will affect them.  I believe it is a vital for the attorney to investigate the possibilities and begin moving to the most favorable position as possible for the client.

First of all, if any amount of alcohol is detected, the trucker will be taken off the road for 24 hours. However, if that level reaches a .04 percent in the breath/blood (half the legal limit of the class C driver) or greater, the commercial driver will lose their license for a year. The punishment is the same if it is determined that the CMV driver is driving under the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled substance. This is an extremely subjective standard determined by a police officer and then prosecuted by the San Diego District Attorney or San Diego City Attorney’s Office. The controlled substance can also be anything from an illicit substance like methamphetamine or marijuana or a medication such as Soma or Vicodin.

Refusing to take a breath or a blood test to determine alcohol or the presence of drugs, while driving a commercial vehicle, will also cause a one-year commercial license suspension.

If any of the above offenses are committed while having a placard for hazardous materials, the CMV license may be suspended for up to three years.

If a second alcohol or controlled substance conviction occurs, the commercial license may be revoked for life.

Even if you are driving a non-commercial vehicle, but have a Class A license, your commercial license will be suspended if you are arrested for a San Diego DUI and are convicted in court or lose the DMV license suspension hearing.

Prevent a conviction and suspension with an experienced San Diego DUI attorney at 858-751-4384. Call us immediately to discuss your options and stay the pending license suspension by requesting an Administrative Per Se Hearing at the DMV within 10 days of your arrest.

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