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San Diego DUI and Medical Licenses for Doctors

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2014 | Firm News |

It is essential as a San Diego DUI attorney in successfully navigating the client through the DUI process.  A person needs to find out the extent of how this event will affect them.  I believe it is a vital for the attorney to investigate the possibilities and begin moving to the most favorable position as possible for the client.  Today we are focusing on doctors.  San Diego has a large medical community. Doctors make up an important part of the San Diego community.  Here is how a San Diego DUI can affect a doctor.

If you are a doctor or a medical student and receive a DUI, the California Medical Board could take action against your license or application for a license.

Unfortunately, a DUI in San Diego may ultimately affect your professional life with serious consequences. The Medical Board does not have a bright-line rule as to how they treat an arrest or conviction, such as whether it is felony or misdemeanor or what vehicle code section is violated. Rather each arrest, conviction and even expungements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Medical Board will not only want to know the arrest and outcome of the court case, but will also investigate the facts or evidence that were the basis of the arrest, the sentencing requirements where there is a conviction, and what rehabilative steps the physician or medical student has taken.

For instance, an San Diego doctor who is on their way to work while traveling from Carmel Valley to Scripps gets into an accident and is subsequently arrested for a San Diego DUI, will suffer much greater consequences because they would have been practicing medicine while intoxicated if they had arrived at work. On the other hand, a doctor who is vacationing in San Diego and makes the mistake of driving back to the hotel after having too much wine with dinner, is stopped by police at a San Diego DUI checkpoint and arrested for DUI, may not have severe issues with the Medical Board.

Ultimately, you need an experienced San Diego county drunk driving defense attorney to investigate the facts of the arrest and challenge the charges in court it will minimize the impact on your medical license. If you are a San Diego doctor with a DUI, you need to hire a Proactive, affordable, and quality defense when you are facing San Diego DUI charges.  Whether you have been charged of a San Diego DUI, Poway DUI, La Mesa DUI, Santee DUI, Mission Valley DUI, Clairemont DUI, Point Loma DUI, La Jolla DUI, Carmel Valley DUI, Mira Mesa DUI, Pacific Beach DUI, Del Mar DUI, Carmel Valley DUI, Encinitas DUI, Oceanside DUI, Ocean Beach DUI, Escondido DUI, Vista DUI, San Marcos DUI, Carlsbad DUI, El Cajon DUI it is vital you need to hire an attorney who knows how to defend your rights and can determine if the government can prove their case.  Contact the Law Office of Mark Deniz now for a free case evaluation at 858-751-4384 or send an email to [email protected] 


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