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| Mar 17, 2014 | Firm News |

San Diego for its size has  a lower crime rate than its peers.  There is countless numbers of reasons why.  One reason is the law enforcement presence.  Police are necessary in our modern city structure.  Most of the police are doing their job.  The overall result is a presence in the streets and lower crime.

I also have to say that the police do this job because of defense attorneys.  San Diego has an excellent defense bar.  I mean excellent.  As a former prosecutor I can tell you I have seen dozens of very competent and zealous attorneys.  I am glad to have joined the ranks.  Police are well aware that their actions will be reviewed and examined.  If they did not follow policy and violated rights….it will be noted.   

Sometimes it is attacking the policies of law enforcement as well as its actions.  My hat is off to the San Diego Public Defenders.  They protect indigent persons with a passion.  Not only are they protecting their rights…they are battling law enforcement on policies, such as arresting homeless persons.  

These webs are interwoven and create an overall safe community to be proud of.  With that…enjoy St Patricks day and be safe.

Violent crime decreased across much of the San Diego area during the first half of 2013 compared to the comparable period a year earlier, while property-related offenses increased in a majority of surveyed local communities, the FBI reported Wednesday. 

The mixed nature of the statistics, which reflect trends in the half-dozen most populous cities in the county, contrast with across-the-board improvements in the nation as a whole, according to the federal agency. 

In the city of San Diego, the rate of violent crime — murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated assault and robbery — went down 7.5 percent. Conversely, the number of property crimes — burglary, larceny and auto theft — rose 3.15 percent. 

Over the same six months, Chula Vista experienced upticks in both violent and property crime, with rises of 5 percent and 9.8 percent, respectively, the FBI reported. Likewise, Oceanside saw more instances of both types of offenses — 5.15 percent in the first category and 18.29 percent in the second. 

Escondido, meanwhile, enjoyed overall improvement during the period, with the violent-crime rate going down 13 percent and property-related lawbreaking diminishing by 9 percent, the FBI reported.

In Carlsbad, the rate of violent crime decreased 23 percent, and property crime increased 8.24 percent. The outcomes were similar to those in El Cajon, where the first figure went down 13 percent and the second rose by 10.42 percent. 

Throughout the United States, both categories of crime decreased in the first six months of last year, as compared with the period between the beginning of January 2012 and the end of June that year, according to the FBI.

A full article can be found here.

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