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“Report Drunk Drivers” Signs and San Diego DUI

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Firm News |

The Law Office of Mark Deniz has the privilege of working with some of the best young legal minds in San Diego.  One of these persons is Alyssa Frazier.  Alyssa is a law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  She is on the law review and one of the top of her class. She has an intense desire to help people.   She was invited to write on subjects that she comes across while working with the firm.

Today, she is writing about Reporting Drunk drivers and San Diego DUI.  Alyssa has been working with the firm’s outreach program which deals with San Diego DUI awareness.

“Report Drunk Drivers” Signs and San Diego DUI
“Report Drunk Drivers” Signs

All along the highway there are signs that request people report drunk drivers they see on the road. If someone is driving and they see a car swerve, or give other indication that the driver may be intoxicated, that person is supposed to call 911 and report
the vehicle.

What does this mean for police officers?

When an officer hears about this report of a drunk driver, should that report alone be enough to pull the car over under suspicion of drunk driving? There are two competing interests here. On one hand, we have the need for safety on the streets, to keep them clear of drunk drivers for the protection of other drivers. On the other hand, we have the protection of the driver of the vehicle to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures. Although the person reporting the drunk driving would likely believe the person they are reporting is actually drunk, what is to stop someone from calling and reporting that someone they despise is drunk driving, just to get them in trouble? Reporting suspected drunk drivers does seem to be a great way to help keep the roads safer, but maybe the officer should independently verify that the car has driven in a way that may indicate the driver is drunk, rather than pulling the vehicle over solely on a tip that has the potential to be given for the wrong reasons. 

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