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San Diego Domestic Cycle of Violence or truth coming out?

| Apr 25, 2014 | Firm News |

Domestic Violence is one of the toughest series of facts in all criminal law.  There is a public safety issue and San Diego has a healthy amount of Domestic Violence.  However, emotions get high and accusations are thrown around just as much.  Like any fight between couples it can get nasty fast.  It can begin verbally and turn into trumping the other in hurting them.  This can result with a call to police to get the other in trouble.

On the other hand there is a cycle of violence in San Diego Domestic Violence offenses.  You get a frantic 911 call and a victim who is scared and tired of the abusers actions.  Within 24 hours that same victim is blaming themselves and minimizing the abusers actions.  They will go back and the abuse cycle will begin again.  A good detective will hopefully ferret out the difference.  Hopefully, the independent evidence will show what actually happened.

In any event…a case we wrote about earlier takes a new (yet usual) turn.  Here is some new info to the story:

The wife of the San Diego police officer who was suspended without pay hours after his arrest for domestic violence says the incident has been blown out of proportion.

Tanya Lorenzo spoke, saying the police department “mutilated my husband in public.” She said he is a good person and a good cop who “doesn’t deserve this.”

“It was a situation that got out of control,” said the police officer’s wife. “It was just an argument that got a little bit more out of control than it should have.”

Lorenzo said her safety was never in jeopardy. When asked whether the bruises on her left cheek were from the incident, she declined comment.

Lorenzo told 10News her husband has been struggling with issues surrounding his high-stress job and the low pay that goes along with it. She said she first began noticing a change in him after fellow officer and friend, Jeremy Henwood was gunned down two years ago. 

“Ever since that whole incident I feel like a lot of officers haven’t been the same and I really saw it in him, because he knew him personally,” she said.

She said that although the San Diego Police Department has programs to help officers cope, there is not enough time in the day for an officer with a wife and children to care for to apply for it.

“I just feel that the department doesn’t really let the police officers utilize what’s available to them,” she said.

Lorenzo said she and her husband are living separately, but are not legally separated. 

“To me, that’s not an important matter,” she said. “The important matter is getting him the help he needs and freeing him from this.”

Lorenzo told 10News she posted the $50,000 bail for her officer husband.

“He’s a good person,” she said. “He’s saved so many lives. He doesn’t deserve this.”

Officer Gilbert Lorenzo will be arraigned April 30 in El Cajon and 10News will be there to cover it.

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