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Former female homicide detective is suing the San Diego Police Department

On Behalf of | May 10, 2014 | Firm News |

There is a lot of crap behind the doors of the police dept.  It is a tough blend of locker room/professional office.

The full article can be found here.

A former female homicide detective is suing the City of San Diego, the San Diego Police Department, and several people within the homicide unit claiming she was harassed and discriminated against during her time with the unit.

Detective Dana Hoover has been with the department since 1994. She said when transferred to the homicide unit, she faced sexual harassment, gender discrimination, retaliation, and battery.

Included in her lawsuit are her co-workers, Sergeant Greg Flood, Detective Steve McDonald, and Detective Jim Jones.

She claimed the department is run by a “good old boy network,” and since she was not a part of that network, was “shunted, bullied and treated unfairly.”

Team 10 first exposed an investigation into police culture and the sex crimes unit earlier this year. Sexually suggestive posters hung in the unit in 2011—posters that celebrated sex acts, binge drinking, and made light of women victimized by the date rape drug, Rohypnol.

Two female sex crimes detectives are suing the department, claiming they were sexually harassed by colleagues in 2011.

In the lawsuit, Hoover said the other detectives refused to assist with investigations, excluded her from information at or about crime scenes, unplugged her phone line, and demeaned, yelled and treated her in a belittling manner.

Hoover claimed when she spoke, Flood, Jones, and McDonald “made inappropriate and demeaning grunting, animal sounds.”

She also said the detectives “referred to females they have worked with in the past as ‘pieces of s—t’.”

When she raised concerns to Detective Flood, she said he interrupted her stating “no one likes you” and that she was “arrogant” and condescending.”

Chief Shelley Zimmerman would not comment on the case.

This claim is the latest blow for the San Diego Police Department. Currently, the department is undergoing a federal probe following several cases of police misconduct.

Hoover is asking for unspecified damages. Sources say she still works at the department, but in a different unit.

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