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Celebrities can get San Diego DUIs Too

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2014 | Firm News |

The Law Office of Mark Deniz has the privilege of working with some of the best young legal minds in San Diego.  One of these persons is Alyssa Frazier.  Alyssa is a law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  She has worked for the firms since 2013. She is on the law review and one of the top of her class. She has an intense desire to help people.  She was invited to write on subjects that she comes across while working with the firm.

Today, she is writing about the recent arrest of Richard Dreyfuss Wife.


Celebrities can get
DUIs Too

When someone gets a San Diego DUI, it is usually not plastered on the news unless someone has been harmed. However, as soon as a celebrity obtains a San Diego DUI, everyone hears about it. Well, another celebrity has obtained a DUI this month. Although it is reported that Svetlana, Richard Dreyfuss’ wife,
supposedly did well on the field sobriety tests (according to the article), it is reported that the case is at the District Attorney’s office to determine whether formal charges will be issued.

What does this mean
to me?

Just remember that anyone can get a San Diego DUI, whether you are a celebrity or not. So, although everyone makes mistakes, try to plan ahead and arrange for a designated driver, or get a taxi, rather than risking your life, money, or other’s lives.

To read more see the Full article below:

Richard Dreyfuss’
wife Svetlana Dreyfuss arrested for DUI, hit-and-run: report

The actor’s third wife was allegedly booked after crashing into a fence and fleeing the scene. Actor Richard Dreyfuss with wife Svetlana, who was arrested on June 2 after she crashed her car in a
fence and then fled the scene.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss with wife Svetlana, who was arrested on June 2 after she crashed her car in a fence and then fled the scene.

Richard Dreyfuss’ wife has taken a page from his book.

Svetlana Dreyfuss was arrested on June 2 in Encinitas, Calif., for allegedly crashing her car into a wooden fence, severing a high-pressure water line and fleeing the scene, law enforcement sources told TMZ.

After a short distance, San Diego County Sheriff deputies caught up with the “Mr. Holland’s Opus” actor’s wife of eight years, and placed her under arrest and later booked for DUI and hit-and-run.

While the case has already been sent to the D.A.‘s office, according to the gossip site, Mrs. Dreyfuss, the actor’s third wife, insists she passed field sobriety tests, claiming she only had one glass of wine.

The 66-year-old Oscar-winning actor is no stranger to driving under the influence. While he’s reportedly been sober since 1982, his decision to kick his cocaine addiction came after he blacked out behind the
wheel, causing his vehicle to wrap around a tree.

Now, Dreyfuss actively works to help others struggling with addiction by regularly speaking to recovery groups.





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