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New camera aims to deter crime in Ocean Beach aid San Diego Police DUI

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Video is such a great tool for the field of law.  It is a memorialization of what happened.  It helps both law enforcement and those accused.  One key point I wonder is how long will the video be stored and not purged.  For instance, someone accused of a San Diego DUI may be able to show they were in fact not the driver of a vehicle.   The video would show who exited the drivers side.  However, the police would not be wanting the video.  It would be defense counsel.  A person has to be arrested, get out of jail, find and retain and attorney.  The attorney would have to gather facts before they would even have a chance to subpoena the video.

It could be weeks….  would the video be there?  It is something to consider when choosing a video program.  There is several instances when you realize incidents occur that the video could settle what happened.

As a former prosecutor and now as defense it was frustrating to try to obtain video only to find out it has been purged.  The first part of advocating for clients is knowing as many resources to aid them.  This video can be one of those aids.  Happy Wednesday

San Diego police will soon be getting a new tool to help fight crime in Ocean Beach. 

A security camera will be installed at the foot of Newport Avenue, an area with a high rate of criminal activity.

“It’s just a thank you from the public,” said City Councilman Ed Harris.

It was a barbecue at the beach and San Diego’s finest were the guests of honor – showered with appreciation from the Ocean Beach community.

“Being a police officer is a hard job and it’s a really hard job here in San Diego,” said Harris.

Even a day at the beach isn’t what it’s cracked up to be for police officers who regularly patrol Newport Avenue.

Councilman Ed Harris used the community event to announce a plan to weed out the bad apples that commit crimes and fuel stereotypes.

Obecians will soon see a new eye in the sky near Veterans Plaza.

Councilman Harris says within a couple weeks a donated security camera will go up at the foot of Newport Avenue. It will be operated by a private security company that will also help with patrols.

Some police officers were quick to embrace the idea that came to be with some help from the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association.

“That way we can keep eyes more on our regular local ones that are always committing the crimes at night – so it’s good for the community” said San Diego police officer Efrain Peregrina.

Newport Avenue has been a hotspot for reported nuisance crimes and drug dealing – so locals say they’re on board with a new crime fighting tool.

“I think it will cut down on crime and if there is crime, it will be easier to catch those involved,” said resident Daniel Bray.

For the officers at the thank you barbecue it was a double dose of positivity which they say will go a long way.

“It’s always very rewarding when you work in a nice area and nice community,” Peregrina said. 

The full article can be found here.

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