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San Diego DUI by driving a golf cart? Inside the huddle with Ruby Fa’Agau

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The firm likes to highlight people inside the organization to show the talent behind the scenes.  Today we will be hearing from Ruby Fa’Agau.  Ruby is a law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  She is an artist hailing from the bay area.  She loves to help people and will be using her legal skills to advocate for people in the courtroom.  She will be taking about Golf carts and San Diego DUIs.

Who knew?
Golf and DUI usually do not appear in the same sentence together. 


But if you’re caught having driven a golf cart
while intoxicated, then you become a candidate for a DUI arrest because a golf
cart is a motor vehicle.


Recently, there was an elderly man arrested for
DUI with a golf cart.  The rationale
behind arresting for DUI in this case is the same behind arresting for DUI in a
traditional motor vehicle – often people (pedestrians or other drivers) are
harmed by drunk drivers.  Driving under
the influence puts others in harm’s way.


I do wonder if the impact from a golf cart crash
is comparable to a car crash as a result of DUI.  My guess is that while a golf cart crash may
cause harm, the harm may not be as severe.


Police: Elderly Man Arrested for DUI
After Crashing Golf Cart Into Tree

The man
was found passed out on some nearby grass, according to sheriff’s officials.


A 73-year-old La Quinta man was arrested
Monday for allegedly crashing a golf cart into a tree at the PGA West country
club while intoxicated.

Riverside County sheriff’s deputies went to
the main gate of the golf club on PGA Boulevard in La Quinta shortly before
2:30 a.m., where a woman told security staff she had passed out on the golf
course. She said she’d been with a man, later identified as Gary Osborn, who
was found passed out on the grass in front of a home in the 55-200 block of Big
Spring, sheriff’s Sgt. Jessica Vanderhoof said.

“A golf cart was located next to
Osborn, which had collided with a tree. There was also fresh collision damage
to the cart barn garage door at the residence,” Vanderhoof said.

She said neither Osborn nor the woman, who
were uninjured, lived at the home where the crash occurred.

Osborn was taken to a hospital before he was
taken to jail in Indio. He was booked on suspicion of driving under the
influence of alcohol and was being held in lieu of $2,500 bail, according to
jail records.

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