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Motor Boats, Sailing, and San Diego DUIs A Labor Day Primer

by | Aug 29, 2014 | DUI Cases |

First off TGIF!

The Law Office of Mark Deniz has the privilege of working with some of the best young legal minds in San Diego. One of these persons is Alyssa Frazier. Alyssa is a law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. She has worked for the firms since 2013. She is on the law review and one of the top of her class. She has an intense desire to help people. She was invited to write on subjects that she comes across while working with the firm. I have to stress that Alyssa is going to be a great attorney.

Today, she is writing about motor boats, sailing, and San Diego DUIs. I know her boyfriend and her love sailing so this issue of of interest to her. San Diego and its nearby waters will be flooded with boats. There is no doubt some of those people will be enjoying alcohol. They need to realize they need to be safe out in the water as well. Their actions can have consequences once they hit land. Have a great Friday and Holiday weekend.

A person may be arresting for a San Diego DUI when they have been driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated, or if their blood alcohol is over .08%. A motor vehicle, however, is not limited to just cars or trucks, but can include other types of transportation. A golf-cart, tractor, or even a motor boat can be considered a motor vehicle for the purposes of a San Diego DUI. If someone is
intoxicated, or is driving this vehicle (or any motor vehicle) with a blood alcohol level of over -08% or higher, they can be arrested for a San Diego DUI.

What about sailing?

Although a motor boat can be considered a motor vehicle, can
all boats (including sailboats) be considered one? The answer is no. A
sailboat, for example, does not have a motor (only sails) and thus is merely
navigated through the water rather than driven by a motor. If someone is
drinking while navigating a sailboat, then they may not be arrested for a DUI
(at least while they are sailing). However, there still may be other
implications, such as being drunk in public, or driving a motor vehicle when
they are back at their vehicle to take them home.

What does that mean
for me?

If you are drinking, don’t believe that you can only get
arrested for a San Diego DUI if you are driving a car, truck or van. If you are driving
ANY motor vehicle, whether it would be one you would normally believe you can
get a San Diego DUI for driving, be aware that you still may be arrested for a DUI. A San Diego DUI
is driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated (by either drugs or alcohol), or
driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher, and a
motor vehicle is not just limited to the vehicles on the road you see. Thus,
you can be arresting for driving any motor vehicle under while intoxicated or
with a blood alcohol level of 08% or higher.

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