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Wrong-Way Driver Hits Group of Cyclists on Fiesta Island Possible San Diego DUI

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I frequent Fiesta Island and it is nuts to think someone was heading in the wrong direction at 30-40mmph.  I prefer Fiesta Island when biking over Pacific Beach or Mission Beach because I feel it is safer.

Many people go the opposite direction on Fiesta Island to quickly turn in and set up a BBQ/bonfire.  It is rare to see drivers heading 30-40mph in the opposite direction.  Fiesta Island is usually a good place to see drivers/riders share the road.  It is sad to hear this happened.  It may be an accident.  It may be more.

I will say if it was alcohol related the officers would of arrested her.  I saw the video and there was a handicap placard dangling.  As a prosecutor I saw many cases when someone was taking medication.  This may be the case, which is why the officers decided not to arrest until they test the blood.  It will be difficult to say she did not see 30 cyclists.   It will be interesting to hear her story.  No matter…just a terrible event.  I wish all is well.

A car plowed into a group of bicyclists on Fiesta Island Tuesday evening, sending at least six people to the hospital.

Brandon Ewers of Del Mar was in a lead position and would’ve been in the line of impact if his buddy hadn’t pushed him out of the way.

“I went three or four flips into the grass,” he said.

His friend, however, was one of two cyclists who went flying into the car’s windshield.

“He said he couldn’t feel his legs,” Ewers said. “That’s scary.”

San Diego police said a woman was driving the wrong way along Fiesta Island Road around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday when her car drove into a group of about 30 bicyclists.

Witnesses said one cyclist suffered a broken facial bone and another suffered a punctured lung.

The two cyclists who hit the windshield were pinned in the glass, officers said.

“I heard them screeching on wheels and then everybody hit,” said cyclist Joel Price of Clairemont. “I went over the handle bars and landed on top of the other guys.” His bike was damaged and he suffered scrapes and bruises.

The crash Tuesday evening that injured several members of a cycling club and the investigation into what prompted the driver to travel the wrong way on Fiesta Island.

Cyclist Juan Barrintos who was hurt in his arm, knee and ankle said that the crash happened very quickly. All he remembers is all of the cyclists falling on top of him, sending him to the ground.

The bandaged and bruised cyclist was at the head of the pack of riders who were out training as part of weekly gathering of cyclists on Fiesta Island.

He said the driver was traveling the wrong way at approximately 30 to 40 mph in a 10 to 15 mph zone.

Her reaction after the crash was unusual.

“She was just acting really crazy,” Barrintos said.

The driver may have been under the influence, according to police.

Most are members of the San Diego Bicycle Club and they meet every Tuesday to ride about 30-miles. The group was just finishing their final laps when the collision happened.

Ewers said the group gathers in Fiesta Island to avoid what he called “drama” with drivers on city streets.

“It’s sad because we come here to get off the roads,” he said.

Price called Fiesta Island one of the safest places to ride in San Diego.

“People need to be careful,” he said. “Someone making a poor judgment, driving on the wrong side of the road and this is what happens.”

Ewers questioned whether the crash will change the club’s routine.

“It’s sad we may not carry this ride on anymore,” Ewers said. “We’re going to be riding differently for sure.”

However, other cyclists said they won’t let the wreck discourage them.

“It’s the sport that we want and what we like. I’m going to keep pushing. I’m training for a triathlon that is coming in two weeks,” Barrintos said.

Investigators won’t say if the woman behind the wheel will face charges for DUI.

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