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Carlsbad Police Reporting Online DUI and Other charges

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2014 | Firm News |

Mark- The firm likes to highlight people inside the organization to show the talent behind the scenes. Today we will be hearing from Ruby Fa’Agau. Ruby is a law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. She is an artist hailing from the bay area. She loves to help people and will be using her legal skills to advocate for people in the courtroom. She will be taking about online police reports.

I will say one of the benefits of having different people in our firm is the variety of perspectives in a subject. In this case I believe online reporting is a great tool. As a citizen you can report what you may believe is a crime right away. It is convenient and fast. As a former prosecutor I can tell you the time stamping of the message will help establish timelines. It will also come out possibly with raw information (like a 911 call) which help evaluate the facts. It is an interesting tool by Carlsbad police that we will see how it plays out.


Ruby- Honestly, I’m not quite comfortable with the
notion of online crime reporting. The
convenience and the promotion of public safety are very attractive and
persuasive. In a recent report, the
Carlsbad police welcome the new online tool where residents can report crimes
the moment that they happen.

But I can’t help but wonder about the accuracy
of these fast reports in the days of Iphones.
The speed of this communication may actually compromise the reliability
of the reports because there is less time spent on ensuring that a crime has
actually occurred. If spelling and
grammar errors prevail in our online communication because we do not have time
to review our emails sent by phone, then how can we account for accuracy in online
reports with the flash of a button. Hit


Carlsbad police are making it easier than ever to report certain crimes the moment they happen thanks to a new online tool.

Residents can fill out a crime report through the City of Carlsbad website as long as it occurred in the city and there is neither suspect information nor evidence of the crime.

This might include vandalism, petty theft, hit-and-run collisions, harassing phone calls or lost property.

If there is suspect information or evidence, an officer should take the report, and one can be requested at (760) 931-2197.

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