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San Diego Expungements & San Diego Termination of Probation

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What is an Expungement?

When someone is convicted of an offense in San Diego, or other cities in San Diego county, someone may be able to get their conviction expunged after probation has been terminated. Although not all convictions have the ability to be expunged, many convictions may be. An expungement is when the criminal conviction is sealed, but may still be used in some cases as a prior, such as a San Diego DUI. If a party has received a DUI within the past ten years, even if it has been expunged, the San Diego DUI will count as a prior for sentencing purposes. However, there are many other benefits of having your criminal conviction expunged. If an employer, except the government and related fields, asks whether you have been convicted of a crime, an expungement process would keep those records from your employer.


Should I hire a lawyer?

This is one of the most common questions I get.  My answer is that if a lawyer charges reasonable rates you should most definately get your expungement completed by a professional.  Our firm charges very reasonable rates in part because our clients are so positive in getting this venture completed.

What does a San Diego Expungement mean for me?

This means that it is very important to have your record expunged, especially if the criminal record is keeping you from a promotion at work, or something else you want to do. Hiring a lawyer can help you obtain an expungement. The lawyer will be able to tell you whether your conviction has the ability to be expunged, and will be able to work through each step of the process to obtain the expungement. For instance, probation must be terminated prior to obtaining an expungement. If you are still on probation, you must write a motion with the court to request probation be terminated, which must be done prior to procurement of an expungement. Hiring an experienced lawyer will allow you to make sure every step of the process is finished, and will help ensure you get an expungement if you qualify. Thus, if you are thinking of having a criminal conviction first, it is best to talk to, and hire, a lawyer experienced in criminal law prior to attempting to expunge the conviction.

Where do I begin?

The key is to determine if you are still pn probation.  If so, you have to terminate probation before you can attempt an expungement.  For this, there needs to be motions filed and a hearing.  I definately recommend an attorney for this.  If you are not on probation anymore but your case is over 6 years old I recommend obtaining a live scan DOJ printout of your criminal history.  Why?  San Diego courts continually change their technology.  Cases over 6 years rarely are in the system anymore.  The court will need printout to complete the process.

San Diego Expungements really help someone move past a rough time in their life.  The criminal process is tough and unforgiving even for minor offenses.  The expungement is a very symbolic process of erasing as much of that event as can be.  I am very happy to help people with this.

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