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A shout out to team member Alyssa Frazier

| Nov 18, 2014 | Firm News |

Our firm has had the privilege of having some great young legal minds working for our clients.  Alyssa Frazier has stood out amongst the talented group.  The firm is proud to see her take her talents to the San Diego Public Defenders office.  It is sad to see her go but our goal is to help our team members achieve their goals.  Since she interviewed for our firm her goal was to help people and be a Public Defender.

Alyssa is a 2L at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  She is currently in Law Review, which is reserved for some of the brightest students at the school.  Her desire to learn the law is second to her desire to help people.  She is very compassionate but has a head on her shoulders that ensures she remains grounded.

Alyssa is a certified legal intern.  She can go on the record for our clients under the supervision of Mark Deniz.  It is actually the best of both worlds.  Attorney Mark Deniz does the negotiating and Alyssa gets to go on the record and get some more for our clients on the record.  The judges love testing and helping young budding lawyers to be.  

Alyssa has been focusing on San Diego DUIs.  She has monitored several San Diego APS hearings.  She cross examined police officers during the hearings.  She has written motions on behalf of our clients for the hearings.  The work has been top notch.

Attorney Mark Deniz has been working in the legal community for some years.  He was a mentor attorney during his time as a San Diego Prosecutor.  Several prosecutors now work in the administration in the local law schools.  Those people have sent over several excellent legal persons to the firm.  George Konugres and Jessica Enriquez are two other standouts who came as a result of recommendations from people in their law school career services department.

The benefit of these people come back to the client.  Part of the training includes showing our staff who to analyze a case and find defensible points.  It is just not Attorney Mark Deniz analyzing the case.  There is a fresh set of eyes that may find an interesting angle.  There is no doubt clients to the firm benefit from the extra care of their cases.

The firm is so sad to see Alyssa go.  However, we are proud to say we have helped her prepare in advocating for San Diego citizens.  She will have knowledge well beyond her years, especially in San Diego DUIs and Sasn Diego APS hearings.

I have no doubt the future will be nothing but bright for Alyssa.  The San Diego Public Defenders is getting a star!

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