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3 arrested during Poway DUI checkpoint

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Firm News |

We are all in the thick of the holiday season. There will be more San Diego DUI checkpoints around several locations in the county.  Poway conducts Poway DUI checkpoints often.  The San Diego Sheriffs are very active in the area for DUI and will conduct Poway checkpoints or Poway saturation patrols often. Be safe and remember to know your rights before heading in.


Two drivers and a passenger were arrested by Poway deputies during a weekend DUI checkpoint. The checkpoint was conducted between 8 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 a.m. Sunday in the 16800 block of Espola Road. A female driver was arrested for being under the influence and possession of drugs and a male driver was arrested for being under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Both were booked into jail. A male passenger was arrested and jailed for an outstanding felony warrant and being under the influence of drugs. A total of 726 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, with 578 of the vehicles being screened in the primary inspection area. Seventeen vehicles were sent to the secondary screening area so the driver could have their license status checked. Of those having their license status checked three were cited for driving without a driver’s license.

The full article can be found here.

Mark Deniz, can help you evaluate whether your individual rights were violated and the appropriate next steps in your individual case. I am a local San Diego DUI lawyer who has handled hundreds of jury trials and hundreds of DUI cases throughout the San Diego area.

Common problems with DUI checkpoints include:

  1. Police officers stopping and detaining drivers who turn off the road before going through an announced DUI roadblock. Making a turn, even if for the expressed purpose of avoiding the roadblock, is not illegal and is not a legitimate reason to stop and detain a driver. It is a violation of your rights, and I can file a motion to have the evidence collected after an illegal stop and arrest thrown out of your case.
  2. Breath testing with mobile breath test devices. Breath tests administered in the field may give faulty readings due to damage that can occur to the device in the field and the calibration of the device. I can challenge the reliability of the results on several grounds, including the requirements of Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, which mandates that individuals being administered breath tests be observed by a police officer for a minimum of 15 continuous minutes prior to the test, which rarely occurs in any DUI arrest situation.

DUI checkpoints impose significant intrusions upon the general public. Their allowance in practice should be extremely limited. If you or a loved one was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving at a DUI roadblock in San Diego or surrounding areas, please call The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC to speak with me right away.

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