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What you need to know San Diego DUI Probation Violations

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Firm News |

According to statistics, over 90% of San Diego DUIs result in the driver receiving some charge. Someone’s best chances in getting a dismissal or their charge reduced to the fullest is getting an experienced San Diego DUI Attorney to handle the case. Most of these resolutions come with the person having to abide by San Diego DUI probation terms.

Most of the San Diego DUI Probation terms are mandatory.  These can include paying dines, attending DUI education classes, public works service, etc.  It all depends on the final terms that were agreed on.

Most San Diego DUIs the person will be receiving summary probation.  This means there is no probation officer assigned to them.  They have to abide by the agreed terms and stay out of trouble and they will be fine.  If someone does not do either of these they could have their San Diego DUI probation revoked.

A San Diego probation violation is any action that violates the agreed terms.  These can include:

– Not paying fines

– Not enrolling or finishing DUI course

– Driving with any measureable amount of alcohol in their system.

– Committing a new crime.

– ***** This is one I see often.  People complete the terms but they do not show the proof to the appropriate entity.

San Diego DUI probation terms consist of a lot of “jumping hoops”.  It is key to complete these because probation violations can mean jail time.  It is key to abide by the terms of a case when they are agreed on.  This is just one of several reasons why it is important to have a San Diego DUI attorney who will navigate you through the process and answer questions along the way.  If there is a violation you do not ignore it.  You need to obtain representation to come into court and reinstate your probation.

A seasoned San Diego DUI attorney will know what someone needs to do to get out of a San Diego DUI probation violation.


Probation was revoked Tuesday on a prior felony conviction against former mixed martial arts fighter War Machine, who awaits trial on separate charges that could get him life in prison without parole for allegedly trying to kill his porn actress ex-girlfriend and her friend in the woman’s Las Vegas home.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver’s lawyer, Brandon Sua, said Tuesday that Koppenhaver doesn’t dispute leaving Nevada without permission in August. He was sought at the time by police after ex-girlfriend Christy Mack reported she had been attacked, and he was arrested Aug. 15 at a hotel in the Los Angeles suburb of Simi Valley.

Koppenhaver, 33, faces trial Feb. 17 in that case, after pleading not guilty last month to 34 felony charges including attempted murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, battery, strangulation and coercion.

Clark County District Court Judge Valerie Adair on Tuesday invoked a 1½-to-4 year sentence she suspended in February 2012 when granting Koppenhaver probation following his guilty plea to felony attempted battery causing substantial bodily harm. The judge also ordered Koppenhaver at the time to undergo anger management and substance-abuse counseling and submit to steroid testing.

Sua said the prison sentence had no immediate practical effect because his client already is being held without bail in isolation at the Clark County jail.

Jailers reported in October that Koppenhaver apparently tried to kill himself in his Las Vegas by tying a piece of cloth around his neck and attaching it to a bunk bed. Jail officials said they also found a suicide note in his jail cell.

Mack, 23, whose legal name is Christine Mackinday, testified at a preliminary hearing that she was left with a broken nose, missing teeth, fractured eye socket, leg injuries and a lacerated liver in the Aug. 8 attack.

Mack told a judge that Koppenhaver kicked and beat her and cut her hair with a dull knife in a bathroom before she ran naked and bleeding to neighbors’ homes for help. She said she escaped when she thought Koppenhaver was fetching a kitchen knife to kill her.

The Associated Press usually doesn’t identify alleged victims of sexual assault, but Mack agreed to let her name be made public.

Her friend, Corey Thomas, testified that Koppenhaver broke his nose and dislocated his shoulder before allowing him to leave Mack’s house with a warning that if he went to the police, Koppenhaver would hurt him.

Koppenhaver changed his name after making his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut in 2007. He had a 14-5 record as a welterweight before being dropped by his fight promoter, Bellator MMA, after Mack’s accusations became public.

The full article can be found here.

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Your criminal case was resolved and you have been sentenced by a Judge. You are likely on probation and ordered to complete certain conditions. You’ve just realized that you may have a violation of probation in your criminal case. Maybe you thought you had enough time to complete your requirements, but came up short. You may have been uncertain about your terms, conditions, or court dates. You may have been concerned about going to jail and missed your court date because of this. Now you are unsure about your next step. You need guidance about your best options, and there is prompt help available.
Probation Violation Attorney Mark Deniz has handled 1000s of probation violations as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He understands effective strategies to best approach misdemeanor probation as well as felony probation violation accusations, and tailors his approaches to each client’s case.

When you are in violation of probation, you need an advocate on your side that understands the probation laws and will work to develop strategies to put you back on the right track. Don’t take a chance on your future and handle the situation yourself.


Probation is a standard condition of court sentences in San Diego County. It is a way for the court to monitor your case, as well as provide a way for the court to hold you accountable. The requirements of probation are precise, which causes many probationers to violate their requirements. Accidental violations can carry significant consequences. Attorney Mark Deniz has seen people be violated for might appear to be very small violations. Thus, even if you have a plausible explanation for your violation, you still need representation to make sure your rights are protected.

Mark Deniz provides effective representation and legal advice to clients charged with local probation violations, and has helped many clients resolve serious probation violation allegations.

Mark Deniz has handled probation violations including:

  • Failing to meet with a Probation Officer
  • Failing to attend court ordered counseling
  • Participating in unlawful conduct
  • Failure to pay Fines
  • Failing a drug test

It never makes sense to represent yourself if you have violated your probation. It is important to find an experienced lawyer who understands productive solutions. San Diego probation violation attorney Mark Deniz provides thorough probation violation representation, and works tirelessly to resolve each client’s specific situation.

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