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Inside the Huddle: Spotlight on team member Mia Saling

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2015 | Firm News |

The firm likes to give an inside the huddle look at some of the people who make our firm so special.  Today we will be focusing on Team Member Mia Saling.

Mia is her last year at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Law firm owner Mark Deniz states, “Mia came highly regarding and we are lucky to have us on the team.  She has one of the most diverse and impressive backgrounds I have seen.  She is going to be an asset for our clients.”

She is a professional chef, has owned her own business, and one of the top students at her law school.

Mia has already analyzed several cases and have spoken on the record multiple times.  Attorney Mark Deniz sees a bright future for Mia, “she will be a highly sought after attorney when she gets out of law school”.  She can head into many types of law after law school.  She will perform well no matter the type of law she decides to practice.

Getting to know Mia a little more:

Favorite vacation destination:

This is a really tough question because I really love to travel and worked on a cruise ship. I love the Caribbean generally and love to SCUBA dive there, but get bored on any one island if I’m there for more than a day (I completely attribute this to working on the cruise ship). I have never been to Europe, but I am dying to go. In particular, I want to got to Spain and Italy. I love the east coast, but only to visit, and it depends on the time of year. Savannah is a favorite.

Favorite sports team:


NFC-49ers (my first favorite team-my family originated in San Francisco and I was born in Tahoe, CA side)
I have a soft spot for the Cardinals, too.

NY Mets (didn’t have a choice on this one since Keith Hernandez is a cousin)
Diamondbacks (I lived in AZ when the Diamondbacks first joined the league)


Favorite movie:
Top Gun (I’m a Tom Cruise and military fan-I also LOVE planes-it’s a family thing)

Favorite food:
fresh crab

Favorite way to spend time:
With friends
creating new recipes or perfecting old ones. I also love creating food and wine pairings

Why did you get in to law?
I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was a child. I have no idea why, it was just something I knew was in my blood. But then life happened and it took a long time to get here, but what finally got me off my ass to finish school was being a business owner and watching businesses around me fall apart during the economy collapse in 2009. Clients became a different breed where they fought to get their deposits back from vendors because they realized they couldn’t afford to have the events they’d been planning. Unfortunately, the attempts to get their deposits back centered on trying to say the vendors hadn’t done their jobs and small businesses in my industry were threatened with lawsuits. I saw a need in the community to protect small businesses, particularly in hospitality where I had so much personal experience. I also get really cranky when people rip off other people’s ideas, so I study intellectual property law. I love litigation and am highly competitive (I was an athlete most of my life) so my perfect world has me becoming a kick ass litigator and trial attorney.

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