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SDSU police developing app to promote campus safety

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2015 | Firm News |

Technology has advanced criminal law and crime prevention.  However, it must run with rules of evidence that has been in place for some time.  The 911 call gives some sense of the incident.  A judge or juror can hear the 911 call and place it with other facts to show emotion.  A text message is words.

So, will a message in all caps give more emotion than a regular msg?  The fact that someone is typing a message out clearly show they are not crazy scared?

I MEAN WHAT KIND OF WEIGHT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GIVE IT!?  This is just one of the interesting issues that unfold when new tools are introduced in the field. Is it Friday yet BTW?


The San Diego State University Police Department is developing a smartphone app it hopes will help fight on-campus crime and protect students.

Many students say they’re on alert for their safety – especially after numerous reports of sexual assaults.

The new app will give students and staff quick and easy access to contact police.

Police say they got feedback from students who admitted they don’t always feel comfortable calling police and that they would prefer to text, if possible.

With the app, a student could send an emergency message that would pop up on the police dispatcher’s computer.

“It can remain anonymous. We know where the caller is calling from. It allows the ability to attach photos, pictures, video – so we can have a real live information exchange between the caller and dispatch,” said Capt. Josh Mays.

Police hope the app will lead to more reports and cut down on response times.

Some students say they will definitely download the free app.

“I think kids would be more keen to using an app because we’re always on our phone anyway,” said Lynal Nosaka, a sophomore at SDSU. “It’s less obvious. If you see something – everyone knows how to use their phone and take pictures from far away. So I think it would be really useful.”

The app is in the planning stages and the hope is it will be ready to launch within a few months.

Development of the app is being funded by an anonymous donation from an SDSU parent.

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