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Man arrested for San Diego DUI after CHP cruiser theft

| Mar 11, 2015 | Firm News |

A piece of advice when you are arrested…..do NOT give an interview admitting the crime.  This case is pretty interesting.  What is interesting is that the guy was giving an interview on scene.  Next time he can set out tweets as it is happening.  

It is an interesting story.


 A man suspected of stealing a California Highway Patrol vehicle and fleeing was arrested Tuesday.

The suspect was initially arrested Tuesday afternoon by a CHP officer in Temecula on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs, according to CHP. Once inside the patrol vehicle, the suspect climbed into the driver’s seat and drove away.

The full article can be found here.

The abandoned vehicle was located on State Route 76 near Gird Road in Fallbrook.

The suspect fled and hid in near by brush. He was found and arrested around 5:45 p.m.

He was taken to Southwest Jail in Riverside County and will face multiple charges including DUI, resisting arrest and stolen vehicle charges, according to CHP.

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