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Inside the Huddle: Shout out to the firm Team Members

| Apr 25, 2015 | Firm News |

Law can be so stressful and yet so fun.  Behind the closed doors we have a good time while providing the best results for our clients.  I will tell you that it can get heated though.  I had one person on the phone trying to get evidence and they are slamming their pad down.  I saw another person mad about the ruling they fought hard for in Department 12.  It shows they care and they work hard to get the best outcomes possible.

We would like to give a shout out to a few of the folks inside the huddle at the firm. Paralegal Emiliano Padron and Case manager Zoe Booke. Zoe is ensuring the cases are on track with all our case goals and discovery. Emiliano is working hard hammering out motions and trying not to get frustrated when sending out subpoenas. He will be mastering it all soon. Finally, we are saying goodbye to CLI Mia Saling who will be finishing finals and getting ready to study for the bar. She has a bright future. She has made some killer motions and successfully argued for a dismissal on Thursday. 

They are part of the machine that makes the firm work.  I may be the guy walking in the chambers to talkt to the judge and prosecutor but they help keep our case goals met.


The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: Proactive Defense

Being proactive from the very beginning is the key to minimizing the consequences of a San Diego DUI charge or any other type of criminal charge. If you hope to keep a clean criminal record, driving privileges or reduce the charge you face, proactive legal counsel from a proven defense lawyer is a must.

Criminal defense attorneys in San Diego and throughout California are not all equal. I understand that you need the best value for your money, but committed, proactive defense representation is critical to your future. I am interested in helping you as much as possible, working hard to protect your license, job, rights and best interests.

I have handled dozens of jury trials that have gone to verdict, hundreds of jury trials to successful resolution, hundreds of motions and hearings, and thousands of cases as a prosecutor and a defense attorney with over 10 years of experience.

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As a former veteran prosecutor, I understand the strengths and weaknesses of prosecution techniques. I have received extensive training in all areas of criminal law, including evidence, trial technique and felony sentencing.

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