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3 Arrested at DUI Checkpoint Overnight in Escondido

| May 12, 2015 | Firm News |

There is always a balance when discussing using taxpayer dollars. In this case we can talk about this particular checkpoint. That night tens of thousands of dollars was spent at the checkpoint. The goal was to stop San Diego DUI drivers. Almost 1,300 vehicles went through and only two were San Diego DUI. The rest was citations and impounds (lovely money maker BTW).

On one hand there is an obvious public safety interest in DUIs and some will say the threat of the checkpoint alone is worth the cost. Others point that this location may not have been the best for a checkpoint. The other side is that there is more pressing police costs that is more important. We constantly hear there is no money for items like body cameras and dash cams. However, hundreds of thousands per year go into checkpoints. I see both sides. I actually believe Saturation patrols is more effective than checkpoints. Just a topic for discussion in the news.


Two motorists were arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and one person was arrested for resisting or delaying an officer during an overnight driver’s sobriety checkpoint in Escondido.

Thirty citations were issued to motorists driving unlicensed, nine for driving with a suspended license and eight for having no insurance during the checkpoint in the area of Valley Parkway and Juniper Street, according to a news statement Sunday from the Escondido Police Department.

Eleven vehicles were also impounded during the checkpoint, according to the news statement.

Police did not release the time the checkpoint was in operation.

The full article can be found here.

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