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3 arrested at Santee DUI checkpoint

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The holiday weekend is not over.  Santee DUI arrestst will be sending cases to the El Cajon courthouse.  El Cajon probably more than any other courthouse in San Diego county is best to be proactive with.  The key is to be safe this weekend and know officers will be looking out for DUIs.

After a delicious meal at Phil’s BBQ, or a fun night at the Santee Drive-Ins, if you or a loved one find yourself arrested for a DUI or other crime it is important to find an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf. Contact Mark L. Deniz, Esq., a knowledgeable and skilled DUI and criminal defense attorney to represent you in court. Call 858-751-4384 as soon as possible.

The Law Office of Mark Deniz is dedicated to DUI. The firm is proud to work with efficiency and discretion. Santee DUI defense attorney Mark Deniz provides high quality and affordable DUI-Drunk Driving defense representation. Mr. Deniz defends persons accused of DUI-Drunk Driving in all San Diego county. DUI Attorney Mark Deniz meets with each potential client in person and personally represents each client in court and at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Santee DUI attorney Mark Deniz can meet conveniently throughout the county to serve the needs of his clients. If you were arrested in Santee you will likely have to appear at the El Cajon courthouse. If you live in Santee, attorney Mark Deniz can appear at the El Cajon courthouse for you. The court location can be found in the Resource section.

You have 10 days to contact the DMV. Do not wait to retain an attorney to begin defending your case. Please review how to begin dealing with the San Diego DUI process.


A DUI checkpoint Saturday morning by San Diego County sheriff’s deputies in Santee collared three drivers suspected of being under the influence, a sergeant said.

The checkpoint was from 8:30 p.m. Friday to 2:30 a.m. in the 9200 block of Carlton Hills Boulevard, said sheriff’s Sgt. Joe Passalacqua.

A total of 940 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, with 21 directed into the area to be evaluated further, Passalacqua said.

That led to three DUI arrests, nine citations for suspended, revoked or no driver’s licenses and the impound of two vehicles.

“Several citizens who drove through the checkpoint thanked deputies for conducting this type of operation to keep our roadways safe,” he said.

San Diego-area municipalities have been increasingly using DUI or sobriety stops in recent years to apprehend suspected drunk drivers. The substantial state grant money, proceeds from fines and additional penalty assessments from court convictions has encouraged city governments and the California Highway Patrol to continue expanding the use of DUI checkpoints.

Checkpoints are often set up on weekends throughout San Diego County, from Oceanside to Chula Vista. The use of checkpoints is not always legal, however. In 1987, following the Ingersoll v. Palmer ruling, the United States Supreme Court gave guidelines necessary before any law enforcement officer(s) could initiate a checkpoint.

When a DUI checkpoint arrest is challenged in criminal court, the judge will consider each of the following factors:

  • The location chosen for the checkpoint
  • Time and duration the checkpoint is operated
  • Degree of discretion left to individual police officers
  • Standards set by superior officers
  • Whether advanced notice was given to the general public and approaching drivers
  • Adherence to road safety conditions
  • Length of time each driver is stopped and detained

Defending Your DUI Checkpoint Case

I, Mark Deniz, can help you evaluate whether your individual rights were violated and the appropriate next steps in your individual case. I am a local San Diego DUI lawyer who has handled hundreds of jury trials and hundreds of DUI cases throughout the San Diego area.

Common problems with DUI checkpoints include:

  1. Police officers stopping and detaining drivers who turn off the road before going through an announced DUI roadblock. Making a turn, even if for the expressed purpose of avoiding the roadblock, is not illegal and is not a legitimate reason to stop and detain a driver. It is a violation of your rights, and I can file a motion to have the evidence collected after an illegal stop and arrest thrown out of your case.
  2. Breath testing with mobile breath test devices. Breath testsadministered in the field may give faulty readings due to damage that can occur to the device in the field and the calibration of the device. I can challenge the reliability of the results on several grounds, including the requirements of Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, which mandates that individuals being administered breath tests be observed by a police officer for a minimum of 15 continuous minutes prior to the test, which rarely occurs in any DUI arrest situation.

DUI checkpoints impose significant intrusions upon the general public. Their allowance in practice should be extremely limited. If you or a loved one was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving at a DUI roadblock in San Diego or surrounding areas, please call The Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC to speak with me right away.

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