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Deputies Arrest 2 at Vista DUI Checkpoint in Vista

| Jul 2, 2015 | Firm News |

If you or a loved one find yourself arrested for a DUI or other crime in the city of Vista, it is essential for you to find the best attorney to represent you. Whether you had a fun summer night at the Moonlight Amphitheatre, or spent a winter evening at the Avo Playhouse, call Mark L. Deniz, Esq., a specialized and premiere DUI and criminal defense attorney to represent you. Dial 858-751-4384 as soon as possible.  

The Law Office of Mark Deniz is dedicated to DUI. We have a nearby office in Escondido for a free consultation.   The firm is proud to work with efficiency and discretion. Vista DUI defense attorney Mark Deniz provides high quality and affordable DUI-Drunk Driving defense representation. Mr. Deniz defends persons accused of DUI-Drunk Driving in all San Diego county. DUI Attorney Mark Deniz meets with each potential client in person and personally represents each client in court and at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Vista DUI attorney Mark Deniz can meet conveniently throughout the county to serve the needs of his clients. If you were arrested in Vista, you will likely have to appear at the Vista courthouse. If you live in Vista, attorney Mark Deniz can appear in Vista at court for you. The court location can be found in the Resource section.

You have 10 days to contact the DMV. Do not wait to retain an attorney to begin defending your case.

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San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies arrested two drivers on DUI charges at a checkpoint overnight Saturday in Vista.

The routine checkpoint was set up in the 1450 block of East Vista Way.

A total of 1,353 vehicles went through the checkpoint, and 31 were sent for a secondary evaluation.

In addition to the two DUI arrests, 21 citations were issued for violations ranging from unlicensed driving to speeding and no lights.

If you are charged with a San Diego DUI or other Criminal offense, you need to call our firm immediately. We are available to take action on your case today. Please email or call us at 858-751-4384 or email me at [email protected] to schedule a free consultation. The key is to be proactive.

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