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San Diego Police making changes

| Jul 26, 2015 | Firm News |

The one clear point was there had to be change when the new mayor came in. There was no doubt he was looking for someone to come in with him to address the issues.

I do applaud the utilization of body cameras. I believe this will help everybody all around. I do take issue with police retention. Most of these officers get paid well. There is no doubt San Diego is an expensive place to live. The taxpayers understand and pay more to officers. These officers all have great retirement. With benefits, they make more than a lot of professionals here in San Diego county. I crossed examined an officer in a case you made $86,000 a year. He was seasonsed. He was a good cop. But, $86,000 plus benefits is more than most of the prosecutors who handle his cases. How much more do you pay. Sure…it is more affordable in Texas or some inland suburb. However, this is San Diego and people do pay to work and play here. I hope the chief continues working on making the San Diego police the best dept it can be.


After several high-profile misconduct cases plagued the San Diego Police Department in 2014, a police research nonprofit moved in to see how the department can fix incidents and prevent future ones.

Since that time, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) has identified 40 recommendations in which SDPD policies and practices can be improved.

SDPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman is expected to present her responses to the policy change recommendations on July 29 to the city’s Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee.

The initial report was presented in May, when 15 of the 40 recommendations were implemented. Zimmerman will provide an update on the remaining 25 recommendations.

For instance, recommendation 14 states “SDPD needs more training on accountability…” In response, Zimmerman wrote “Implementation is in process” and “all lieutenants and captains” are going through extra human resources and legal training, according to her report.

There’s also recommendation 33 where “SDPD should work to rebuild trust in the community.” The chief responded “a working group has been developing a model,” which includes an Assistant Chief, a police psychologist and a community leader/activist.

For all the recommendations and responses, click here.

2014 rattled the police department. Ex-SDPD officer Anthony Arevalos was convicted of demanding sexual favors from women. Another, Christopher Hays, pleaded guilty to assault, battery and illegally detaining women while on duty, and a husband and wife on the force, Jennifer and Bryce Charpentier, admitted to illegal activity to feed their own drug habits

According to city documents, the presentation on July 29 is an “information item only,” meaning no action is required by the committee or city council.

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