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Making sure you can do all you can do on a San Diego DUI

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As a former prosecutor handling negotiations with defense attorneys I can tell you very few of them make sure everything that can be done for a client is.  The reality is not every case is going to be dismissed.  Not every DUI arrest will turn into a “Wet Reckless”.  A good defense ensures the government can prove their case and the sanctions are reduced as much as can be.  In a good DUI defense there is a lot of little things one can do to make the situation the best as possible for the client.  Some of these include:

– Being proactive and having the client begin some of the sanctions to strategically spread it out.  It can make the whole situation manageable.  The client relies on their counsel to put them in the best situation possible.

– Staying the fine.  DUI classes and other sanctions cost money.  Sometimes it is prudent to put out the fines to pay for the DUI classes and such that usually take up the first few months after a case is resolved.

– Making a Count three-  Yes, if there is a reduction you want to get the prosecution to add a charge to the complaint.  Why?  So the DUI charges (which is usually count one and two) get dismissed.  It looks so much better record-wise.

– Getting suspensions concurrent-  I will not delve too much into DMV/court suspensions because it can be confusing and a matrix of possibilities.  However, most cases have a court and a dmv suspension.  I know it sounds basic, but you want to persuade the court to run the court suspension concurrent with the DMV suspension (which usually is in place).  This ensures your client is not driving restricted one minute more than they have to.

These are just a few examples of small details that can mean a lot as an advocate navigating their client through a San Diego DUI arrest,

Chicago Bears defensive back Tim Jennings — who was busted for DUI on his way to a parent/teacher conference — will NOT be going to jail … after striking a plea deal with prosecutors.

Jennings — a 2-time Pro Bowler and a huge part of the Chicago defense — was arrested back in January after cops say he was going nearly 100 mph on a Georgia interstate.

Cops say his breath reeked of booze — but Jennings said he had stopped drinking 10 hours before and was speeding because he was late to his kid’s parent/teacher conference at school.

Now, we’ve learned Jennings cut a deal — pleading guilty to reckless driving. As for the DUI charge, that was tossed.

Jennings was sentenced to 12 months probation and must complete 40 hours of community service — and it CAN NOT be football related.

He’s also required to complete a DUI program and pay a fine.

As the story developed it was said by Jennings’ attorney issued a statement that the DUI charge was “completely dismissed today due to a lack of evidence to proceed on the DUI.”

“From the inception of this case, Mr. Jennings admitted that he was speeding when encountered by law enforcement. Mr. Jennings steadfastly denied that he was driving while under the influence.”

“Mr. Jennings is looking forward to putting this matter behind him and focusing on his family and his career.”

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