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Uber & LYFT has no doubt reduced the number of DUIs here in San Diego. You dont need to call a friend to pick you up when you feel you need a ride home. The cost is usually reasonable.

One area I have seen these businesses help with DUIs is when my clients are serving their “Hard” 30 day suspension. If they do lose the APS hearing, we try to fashion the suspension to fall on a weekend. This minimizes the impact on peoples jobs. UBER and LYFT is a good method for people to get to work and such during that driving ban that usually comes with a DUI. It is different coming to work in a regular vehicle rather than a yellow taxicab can make all the difference.

I really believe Uber and Lyft has helped with this just as much as reduce DUIs on the front end.


Ride-sharing app ‘Uber’ has been in San Diego since 2012. ‘Uber’ has experienced its fair share of controversy, but a new study says the service is helping save peoples’ lives.

All it takes is a quick click, a few taps and a ride from ‘Uber’ is just a few minutes away. It’s so easy, it’s the reason a study out of ‘Temple University’ says ‘Uber’ is responsible for the decline in drunk driving deaths across California.

“I think the problem before ‘Uber’ was around was it was very difficult to get a ride, especially at those off times,” says Christopher Ballard, General Manger of ‘Uber San Diego’.

The study looked at alcohol-related driving deaths from 2009 to 2013. In cities with ‘Uber’, DUI death rates fell between 3.6% and 5.6%. “For us, it’s a win, win.

Anything that’s out there, any service that is convenient for folks that are out consuming alcohol, anything that allows them to get home safely, we’re very supportive of,” says Steve Lykins, Executive Director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving San Diego Affiliate.

Lykins says it doesn’t matter what type of ride-sharing app people use. As long as they don’t drink and drive, tragic deaths that families never recover from can be prevented.

“The impact is long term and it affects them in so many ways,” adds Lykins, “Whether it’s a friend, family, co-worker, and it’s somebody who’s instantly gone or seriously injured, that person can never be replaced.”

The study is not affiliated with ‘Uber’ and one of the researchers got the idea after using the service.

‘Uber’ says it tracks data on its own and has noticed that people are requesting the service after having too much to drink.

“The requests spike when the bars are closing, late in the morning for example,” adds Ballard, “What it shows us is given transportation alternatives that are safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable, like ‘Uber’, San Diegans are making that responsible choice to request ‘Uber’ and not drink and drive.”

The research will continue and if the study’s findings hold nationally, around 500 lives would be saved every year by people using ‘Uber.

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