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Inside the Huddle: Focus on team member Emiliano Padron

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Firm News |

There is so much that goes into having a good law firm. It takes organization and efficient use of resources. A large part of this is the people who are in the firm. They need to have passion at what they do and want to get the results we shoot for.

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This is the case with case manager Emiliano Padron. Emiliano has been one of many people behind the scenes of the firm who works on the cases. For example, you will hear Emiliano on the phone with the DMV, prosecution, and law enforcement agencies. He works with the clients to ensure all the necessary documents are in order.

What is amazing is that during this time he was attending USD to become a Paralegal. It is a goal that he recently achieved late summer. He will continue expanding his duties with the firm. The future is looking bright for Emiliano. The clients will continue to reap the benefits of his talent.

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