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| Sep 30, 2015 | Firm News |

The firm likes to give an inside the huddle look at some of the people who make our firm so special. Today we will be focusing on our newest Team Member Kelly Brady.

Kelly is probably one of the most diverse talents the firm has brought in. She has a history of running business, being a captain, etc.   Up to this point, the Law Offices of Mark Deniz has looked for its talent on the legal side, working with lawyers, paralegals, and legal interns. Kelly will be coming in on the business side of the firm.

Law firm owner Mark Deniz states, “Kelly is an extremely talented person with a good head on her shoulders. Kelly is multi talented and you can see it in her work”.  She can multi task, working the books and talking to a client over facetime at the same time.  

We are very happy to add her talent to the firm.



Favorite vacation destination: So far? Italy. I like traveling a lot so this is not an easy one.
Favorite sports team: Yankees, NY Giants, Rangers. Syracuse for college ball.
Favorite movie: Impossible question, there are too many!
Favorite food: Love to eat well. I love good seafood and really good curries.
Favorite way to spend time: What little spare time I have is usually spent gardening, reading, or sewing/being crafty.
Why did I get into law? My fiance has a law degree and I used to work in a family law firm.

We are excited to have her join the team.

Here is a little about our firm:

Let a Former Prosecutor help fight for you. He knows how the prosecution works and how to best deal with them. San Diego Premier DUI Defense. At The Law Office of Mark Deniz APLC, attorney Mark Deniz takes an proactive approach when defending our clients against criminal charges. We are San Diego’s Premier DUI & Criminal Defense firm. As an attorney we focus on this case kind of case. You can be assured that your lawyer has done everything necessary to place you in the best possible legal position. You want a former prosecutor on your side when you are heading into court. This is the kind of lawyer you want on your side. Call now for a free consultation. You have to be proactive on your DUI & Criminal Defense. Do not let the government label you a impaired drunk driver. We are also San Diego’s top Minor in possession of alcohol cases “MIP”. The prosecutor and judge treat them in the same vein as DUI cases, so we have a proactive plan to make sure there is no license suspension or lasting impactful charge. Call us now. Finally, our firm takes great pride in offering expungements of all types of cases and getting people off probation. Expungement and termination probation is recommended the first chance you can.