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San Diego DUis from caffinated alcohol drinks

| Sep 15, 2015 | Firm News |

As Pittbull would say “Don’t stop the party yeah yeah yeah!” We all love a good party especially here in San Diego. It may be a summer day in The Historic Gas Lamp barhopping, or a cabana spot at San Diego Hard Rock’s Intervention; either way when the party starts there is no stopping. A common drink amongst day drinkers and late night club goers is “Vodka Red Bull.” One part vodka of your choice, and one part Red Bull makes for a wild ride that could result in a San Diego DUI.


Consumption this caffeine alcohol mixed drink results in an altered perception of ones intoxication level. The energy of the Red Bull and the euphoric feeling produced by the vodka may provide a false sense of ability. Meaning that one can think they are alert enough to drive a vehicle, when in reality they are intoxicated. Additionally the mixing of energy drinks and alcohol has been shown in recent studies to severely dehydrated individuals. Dehydration can slow motor skills and impair vision. These dehydration symptoms can have negative effects on a driver’s abilities. Lastly, studies show that immediately after the caffeine crash users experience enhanced effects of the alcohol. This is explained by the reaction when combining an upper (caffeine) with a downer (alcohol). You could be driving, experience a caffeine crash, and then feel the enhanced effect of the alcohol. Falling victim to a San Diego DUI, when you initially felt you were able to drive.

Partygoers also consume energy drink before a day, or evening of consuming alcohol. Some consume the energy drinks after drinking the alcohol in hopes of sobering up quicker. Just remember, the caffeine may skew your internal barometer. Even though you may feel able to operate a motor vehicle, you should not. Too often people think they can drink more because they have consumed caffeine. This is simply not true. Don’t let the horns of a San Diego DUI pin you down. Call The Law Offices of Mark Deniz today if you have incurred a San Diego DUI. Call now for a free consultation at 858-751-4384.

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