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Alcohol consumption in San Diego DUI cases. How does the prosecution obtain a BAC?

| Oct 11, 2015 | Firm News |


There is books on the subject of how can alcohol AT THE TIME OF DRIVING is measured.  Today, we are looking at the narrow factors of how alcohol is consumed and what is a standard drink?

How alcohol is consumed

When a person is drinking, they may believe they have not drunk as much as they actually have. If someone has just one drink, they may feel they are completely fine to drive. However, what if the one drink was a long island iced tea or a pint of IPA beer that has 9% BAC? The amount of alcohol in the drinks are likely more than in a standard drink, and thus would raise blood alcohol levels more than a standard drink would.  Drinking a higher alcohol content drink is very common here in San Diego.

Standard Drinks

A standard drink of alcohol is 1 ½ ounces of hard liquor (approximately 45-55proof); which is equivalent to a 5 ounce glass of wine (approximately 12%-13% alcohol); which is equivalent to approximately 8-9 ounces of a stronger beer  approximately 7% alcohol); or 12 ounces of a generic alcohol content beer (approximately 5% alcohol). Thus, if a person drinks a pint of beer (which is more than 12 ounces), or a drink of hard liquor which has a higher alcohol content (such as fireball), that person’s blood alcohol levels may be higher than expected.

When drinking alcohol, keep in mind that some drinks may have higher alcohol content than others, and your blood alcohol levels may be higher than expected. This information needs to be obtained by the defense through the client as soon as possible to determine what may be the likely BAC at the time of driving.  The reports may have a different number and needs to be thoroughly examined.

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