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The balance with providing steady client communication and advocating in court on a San Diego DUI

| Oct 5, 2015 | Firm News |


I was happy to receive another “A” rating for the firm (which you can see here).  At our weekly meeting I was asking what we could do to make the firm better.  The subject we always work on is client communication.  It is tough to have the best of both worlds.  I want to be available when a client calls.   However, I am the guy they want battling for them in court.  I have not tried iunterrupting a judge to field a phone call in court and do not believe I will.  The clients can call our staff but in a perfect world want to talk to me.

Being in the court and available for clients is one of the biggest hats a San Diego DUI attorney has.  DUIs probably more than most other charges have questions with them from the clients.  Why? Herte is a few reasons:

– In a San Diego DUI you deal with the DMV and court.  Each has their requirements with the client.  Some of what they need to do has to be done by themselves.

– You are dealing with license suspensions, which driving is a necessary part of almost every person.  

– There is more hoops.  Most DUI cases can be resolved with jail.  The exchange is that there is more sanctions that need to be done.  

Knowing this issue our firm is proactive in contacting a client.  We schedule communications ahead of time.  We will let the client know as soon as there is any updates.  We provide the client with all the documents we get as soon as we get it (thank you dropbox).  They may not fully understand blood calibrations, but it lets them know we are on top of the case and we will eventually go over it in a meeting. 

Navigation is an important part of a DUI case.  I want to be the guy heaading into court.  I also am the advocate in making sure the client gets through the process as smoothly as possible with the least amount of uneasy feelings and thoughts of jail, which unfortunately is part of the DUI experience.

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