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Getting a Riverside or Orange County DUI as a San Diego resident

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2015 | Firm News |

So many San Diego county residents drive down I-5 in Orange county and I-15 through Temecula.  Some of these people get DUIs in Riverside and Orange counties.  Do they get a San Diego DUI attorney to appear in those counties or do they make multiple trips to those counties to find a local attorney?  

My first reaction is to hire a local attorney.  However, it is a tough question because DUIs come with so many questions about license suspension and small details that come out through meeting with your attorney.  

With my firm, we made it a point to expand our practice to the Southwest Justice Center in Temecula/Murietta and Newport/Harbor center in Orange county.  Those are the two courthouses that San Diego county residents happen upon often.  We have been able to learn the details of those courthouses and know the players regarding DUI cases.   

The key in DUI cases is knowing not only the laws but having knowledge of the judges and prosecutors involved in a DUI case.  

Below is an exerpt of an article about a DUI checkpoint.  If one of them is a San Diego resident they have to make the choice of who do they want to represent them.  Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at 858-751-4384 for a free consultation.


California Highway Patrol officials say they’ll staff a DUI/driver’s license checkpoint this weekend in an unincorporated area of the Temecula Valley.

According to CHP Officer Mike Lassig, the operation will be held on Saturday, at an undisclosed location in Southwest Riverside County.

“Motorists approaching the checkpoint will see informational signs advising them that a sobriety checkpoint is ahead,” Lassig said in a press release. “Once diverted into the lane, motorists will be detained only a few moments while an officer explains the purpose of the checkpoint and checks their driver license.”

The officer said that all vehicles will be checked, traffic permitting.

“The CHP reminds motorists to not drink and drive,” he said. “If you are going to drink, do it responsibly. Designate a sober driver and have a safe holiday season.”

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