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Defending San Diego Solicitation Charges PC 647(B) Prostitution Explained & Defenses Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney

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I defend prostitution cases in San Diego.  I was a prosecutor for almost ten years.  I spent half of it with the San Diego City Attorneys Office where I handled hundreds of these cases.   I am highly skilled and experienced in defending both street prostitution cases on the streets and outcall cases from Backpage, CityVibe, and other cases. I handle all prostitution charges including:

  • solicitation of prostitution,
  • agreeing to engage in an act of prostitution,
  • loitering for the purposes of prostitution,
  • escorting without a permit.

Call our firm to get a consultation and get this matter handled at 858-751-4384.

Do not call an LA law firm only to be handed to a young attorney they contract out to.  Get a former prosecutor on your side.

Defense Attorney in San Diego for Solicitation and Prostitution Arrests PC 647(b)

Enforcement of prostitution has become a major priority for local law enforcement agencies. The San Diego Police Dept. has been especially cracking down on internet escorting.

Even if you think you may have violated the law, I can help you fight this charge. I KNOW THE STRATEGIES THE PROSECUTION & POLICE DEPARTMENT USE TO TRAP ESCORTS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS, DANCERS, AND ESCORTS. I KNOW HOW TO FIGHT BACK. I am an experienced prostitution defense lawyer who can fight the SDPD vices prostitution cases. I know that their version of events is usually inaccurate. Why do they get away with this? Because they don’t think anyone will fight back.

DO NOT CAVE TO THE PRESSURE TO PLEAD GUILTY. All too often, people charged with prostitution related offenses feel they have no choice but to plead to the charge. DON’T DO IT. If you are convicted of violating Cal. Penal Code 647(b), the offense is “priorable.” This means that every time you are ever convicted of another prostitution offense, the punishments will get more severe every time.

Do not just walk in and think the prosecutor is going to give an offer because you are a nice person and this is your first time.  Also, this is a specific fact charge that is based more on facts than law so do not get just any lawyer.  Get an attorney on your side who knows this business.  Call now for a free evaluation at 858-751-4384.  Even if you don’t qualify for the diversion program or can’t accept the diversion program, you can and should fight this case. Remember: There’s a lot can be done on these cases. Don’t just show up to court and accept the first thing offered. You owe it to yourself to at least all an experienced prostitution defense lawyer to discuss your case.

San Diego Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation of prostitution is a common offense in San Diego.

San Diego has one of the largest concentrations of escort providers in the United States. It is a service that has high demand when considering the population of the city, tourism, military presence, and the overall demand for such services.

San Diego also has a large number of massage & wellness parlors that are intended to help supply the demand.

The various law enforcement agencies of San Diego, usually through their “vice” divisions, carry out various stings.

In this modern world the term “escort” and “services” can mean a number of things. It can range from a private dancer
to simple companionship. Massage & wellness has evolved over the years to include a variety of practices.

Law enforcement takes all these types of services and lumps them into one: Prostitution

We defend San Diego prostitution cases. We are especially skilled and experienced in defending Backpage, Craigslist, Eros, and MyRedBook cases. We know how to defend against massage parlor sting operations. You may be eligible for a diversion program that can prevent a conviction of prostitution charges. Mark Deniz has seen the other side as a prosecutor and can navigate someone through the process.

I take pride in knowing the majority of clients who get caught up in trial obtain a favorable resolution of their issue. You have done the internet search and see there is not many private attorneys who are well versed on the issue. Our firm is different.

The first step is to ensure the police can prove their case. When dealing with prostitution there is a fine line of what is and what is not legal. Can the prosecution prove BEYOND a reasonable doubt the elements of the crime. I was a prosecutor for almost 10 years and handled prostitution cases and jury trials.

If the government is looking like it can prove their case (after thorough examination) you get the best resolution possible. In most cases, I have been able to procure diversion for my clients. Diversion is usually entering an agreement that if you stay out of trouble and complete some classes and such you can get the charge reduced.

The best thing is our firm offers payment plans on these matters.

If this sounds like what you need it is best to get started as soon as possible. Contact our firm now at 858-751-4384 for a free case evaluation.

Solicitation of Prostitution Arrests in San Diego: How it Works

SDPD Vice Units regularly use “decoys” to pose as prostitutes to lure unsuspecting customers into arrest. Often people are arrested even if they had no intent to engage in act of prostitution. The truth of the matter is this: Whether you are guilty or innocent, the police will arrest anyone who comes into contact with their undercover operation. This is why it is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight your solicitation of prostitution charge in court. Whatever the circumstances, The Law Offices of Mark Deniz are experienced in these cases and will help you either by fighting your case all the way to trial or resolving the case with minimal consequences.

Requirements for a Solicitation of Prostitution Conviction

The most common charge is Penal Code PC 647(b).  You can be convicted for Solicitation of Prostitution if the prosecution proves that:

  • You requested or asked someone else to engage in prostitution. Prostitution is defined as engaging in sexual intercourse or a lewd act in exchange for money or some other form of payment. Touching the genitals or another part of the body for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal qualifies as a lewd act for the purposes of this section.
  • You intended to engage in the act of prostitution with the other person. The government must prove that you meant to follow through with a request to engage in prostitution. For instance, if you were joking around and did not mean what you said, the government would have a difficult time proving that you intended to engage in prostitution.

If there is some question as to whether the other person received your request, the government will also have to prove that the other person in fact received your request. This does not come up frequently.

Most charges for solicitation of prostitution arise from undercover police operations. It is important to know that you can be found guilty of this charge even if the other person (i.e. an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute) does not intend to engage in prostitution. In these types of cases, we can obtain records regarding the undercover investigation that can help in your defense.

Jurors are often bothered by the large amount
of resources police agencies pour into these types of sting operations, and by the fact that police agencies generally do a poor job of preserving evidence in these operations. For example, the conversations between undercover officers and suspects are usually transmitted through a wire. However, police agencies do not generally record this information for use in court. Many jurors feel uncomfortable convicting someone without this type of evidence.


You may be sentenced to up to six months in jail for this charge. The Judge may also suspend your driver’s license for up to 30 days under some circumstances.

If you have been convicted for this charge in the past, you are facing more serious consequences. A minimum of 45 days in jail are required if you have been convicted once before for this same charge. If you have been convicted two or more times previously for this charge, a minimum of 90 days in jail is required.

Diversion Programs

If this is your first offense and even on repeat offenses, The Law Offices of Mark Deniz may be able to help you to avoid jail time and obtain an offer through a diversion program. In a diversion program, our clients agree to attend a “prostitution education class” and possibly additional counseling. After the completion of the program, the charges are dismissed. In the cases of first offenses, this may be a matter of attending one class which lasts a few hours. For repeat offenses, a more intensive program may be required to avoid jail time.

The case begins with making sure the prosecution cana prove their case.  The next step is to get a favorable resolution.  We do this for our clients.  Call our office for a consultation to get started on your case 858-751-4384.

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