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Uber Driver Suspected of San Diego DUI After Slamming Into Party Bus in San Diego

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Not all DUIs are equal. Sometimes people walk into the office and say their blood alcohol level is .13%.  From what they heard that usually means it will just be a fine and a class because that is what happened to their friend a few years back or what they found out while searching google.

That is not the truth.  The totality of the facts will dictate the “worth” of a case to the judge, prosecutor, and defense.  Case in point the DUI arrest in the article below.  The driver may indeed may have a low BAC.  However, the other facts (collision, potential scuffle with police) make the facts more aggrevated.  What this means is the attorney handling the case must examine the facts to provide context and give the best resolution possible.

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Here is the article about the Uber driver arrest.

An Uber driver was facing DUI and resisting arrest charges Thursday after driving through a red light and slamming into a party bus in downtown San Diego, police said.

An Uber driver was suspected of DUI after crashing into a party bus in San Diego on March 2, 2016. (Credit:

The crash took place just before midnight Wednesday near the intersection of Sixth Avenue and F Street, said Lt. Dan Smyth with the San Diego Police Department.

The Uber driver was traveling south on Sixth Avenue when he ran a red light at F Street and rear ended the back of a parked bus, witnesses told Smyth.

The bus, described as a “large party bus” by Smyth, was not badly wrecked but sustained some damage to the rear.

“fortunately the bus was empty other than the driver,” Smyth said.

Video from the scene showed the damaged car had an Uber sticker attached to the front windshield.

An Uber driver was suspected of DUI after crashing into a party bus in San Diego on March 2, 2016.

“The Uber driver’s car was totaled,” according to Smyth, who said the driver had sustained a minor injury to his shoulder.

The Uber driver was apparently on his way to pick up a fare when the crash occurred.

“He was on his Uber shift. We don’t know if he had driven anybody yet, but he said he was en route downtown to pick up a fare,” Smyth said.

The driver then failed a field sobriety test and put up a struggle while being taken into custody, according to Smyth.

“We had to maximumly restrain him,” Smyth said.

Kaleb Weakley said he was exiting a nearby business when he saw the Uber driver being arrested.

“All I know is he got tased, he went to the ground and then disappeared,” Weakley said.

It was unclear if the Uber driver, who was not identified, was speeding at the time of the crash.

He was facing driving under the influence and resisting arrest charges, according to Smyth.

The full article can be found here.