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Avoid the suspension of your drivers license in a San Diego Minor in Possession of Alcohol Case. MIP

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The charge of San Diego minor in possession comes with the hefty sanction of a one year driving suspension. You will at minimum spend several months without driving before you can apply for a “critical need” license.

I get it. People under 21 with alcohol have a tendancy to get behind the wheel which leads to DUIs. However, more and more students work during school off campus, live off campus, or go to a school that has not dorms. Has someone ever seen Grossmont JC parking lot?…. ouch. Young people need their driving privilege.

If you are charged with an MIP case, you need to call our firm immediately. We are available to take action on your case today. Please email or call us at 858-751-4384 or email me at [email protected] to schedule a free consultation. The key is to be proactive.

Minor in possession of alcohol (San Diego MIP) or selling alcohol to a minor are serious charges in San Diego. Not so serious as to be facing jailtime but definitely more unintended consequences.  The minor will likely lose their driving privilege and may be required to complete AA meetings, a MADD class, a campus alcohol program, and/or community service programs. The Law Offices of Mark Deniz are prepared to handle your case.

There are several legal defenses that apply to this law.

  • The minor didn’t actually possess the alcohol (it wasn’t his/hers),
  • The minor was delivering it under orders from a boss / parent / guardian and only possessed it for that limited purpose,
  • The alcohol was discovered during an illegal search and seizure, or
  • The minor otherwise acted responsibly by calling 911 to report that he or another minor needed medical attention.


If you or a loved one have been charged with as a minor in possession of alcohol or selling alcohol to a minor, call The Law Office of Mark Deniz to help protect your rights.  You want a former prosecutor in your corner.  I spent years as a negotiating Deputy District Attorney and Deputy City Attorney.  If there an good resolution for you it can be achieved with experience. Students and military receive discounts.

Although Business and Professions Code 25662 BP is only punishable by community service and/or a fine, it is nevertheless a misdemeanor.  This means that a conviction will become part of one’s permanent criminal record, which is why it is critical to fight this charge.

In addition, Vehicle Code 13202.5 VC provides that a conviction for violating California’s minor in possession law will result in a one-year suspension of the minor’s driver’s license or a one-year delay in his opportunity to obtain a driver’s license if he is not old enough to obtain a license.  This law further provides that an additional one-year suspension will be added to each subsequent underage alcohol or drug-related conviction that he suffer s.

Contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz to defend your rights. Call 858-751–4384.

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