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Getting a restricted or provisional license after being arrested for a San Diego DUI

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Our practice is centered around DUI defense.  A part of the practice deals with getting the client back at the road the first possible moment they can.

This is an advantage someone has when choosing an a private attorney over a Public Defender.  A Public Defender can handle your criminal case, but they do not assist someone in keeping their license or getting a restricted license.  The ability is drive is usually peoples top concern (other than going back to jail).

Our practice is geared for proactive defense.  We utilize the DMV APS hearing to do all that we can to keep the drivers license.  If not, we ensure the client gets the restricted license the first available moment they are eligible to drive.

In most DUI cases the person will get at least 30 days where someone cannot drive due the suspension (with no exceptions).  The DMV will usually grant a restricted license IF the driver has completed the “hard” suspension and has everything the DMV requires them to have before getting the restriced.  This includes enrolling in the proper DUI education course, proper DUI insurance, and other items.  The worst thing someone can do is take off of work to get their restricted license only to have the clerk at the window of the DMV tell them they cannot get a restricted license because they did not do everything.  Dealing with the DMV and the court “hoops” can be one of the most frustrating parts in a San Diego DUI.

This is why you want a knowledgable attorney to navigate you through this.  People sometimes rely on “googling” and friends who have had DUIs in their past.  It is not recommended.


In most cases there is no little reason someone should not be driving after 30 days of their suspension.  Now, a normal DUI suspension can be four months….six months…no suspension….there is a lot of variables.  People have to know the facts of their case to determie what may be their specific situation.

The key is to be proactive and hire an experienced attorney to navigate you through the DMV and the courts.  Call our office now for a free case evalaution at 858-751-4384.

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