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Did you go to Comic Con and get a San Diego DUI? DUI Defense Attorney Lawyer

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Summer is speeding through.

Comic Con is underway in San Diego. It is fun to see the people walking around celebrating their favorite characters. The bars are hopping in the Gaslamp. Alcohol will be part of it. In most situations, this can result in fights, DUI arrests, etc. Be safe and enjoy the fun. Uber or walk…do not risk driving downtown because San Diego Police is ready and out in force to patrol the streets.

If you are in trouble you need to call our firm ASAP for a free consultation at 858-751-4384. We can represent clients in court if they are from out of the area or busy with work in most cases. We can give you the best outcomes from sticky situations.  A San Diego DUI can get coomplicated especially if you live out of state.  The best thing to do is enjoy San Diego and Comic Con.

It’s almost that time again! Comic-Con 2016 kicks off.

More than 100,000 people will descend on the Gaslamp Quarter, and while San Diego’s largest convention is an economic bonanza, security is also a big challenge.

San Diego Police told San Diego 6 that like with the July Fourth holiday weekend, there are no credible threats of any terrorist activity when it comes to Comic-Con.

But when you have so many people congregating in a relatively small space, these days you have to prepare for worst case scenarios. But police said they’re ready.

“There is a little bit more of a heightened concern of a terrorist act happening at some type of major, large single event whether it be a ball game or a convention,” said Lt. Paul Connelly of the San Diego Police Department. Connelly is in charge of San Diego P-D’s security operation for the huge convention. Despite some concerns, he offered these re-assuring words. “We do have measures in place to make sure that some type of activity like that doesn’t happen at an event such as Comic-Con where we have large numbers of people,” he said. So what does “measures in place” mean exactly? It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that some of those measures Connelly can talk about, others he cannot. “They’re gonna see a lot of police officers in uniform and vehicles, on foot, on bicycles. They may see surveillance camera towers put up at different locations,” Connelly said. Connelly said just like the past holiday weekend, if you see or hear something suspicious, tell police. But apart from terrorism concerns, he said the biggest challenge is making sure people remember to be aware of their surroundings. “People are so focused on the excitement of the event. They’re focused on attractions that are set up in the downtown area, costumes that are walking by that they lose situational awareness,” he said. Connelly’s advice? Pay attention to your personal safety. Make sure your cell phone, wallet or purse are secure. That way, the police can handle the big stuff, and everyone can have the kind of good time Comic-Con is known for. Preview night gets underway Wednesday evening at 6:00. That’s only open to folks with preview night badges, professionals and media. Then the official convention kicks off Thursday morning at 10:00 and goes right on through Sunday with the last panels getting underway at 4:00 pm.

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