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DUI Defense Attorney Lawyer explains DUI process in San Diego and how to beat a case and stay out of jail and get the best resolution. San Diego County Prepares For Holiday Drunk Driving DUI

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The holiday season is here.  We are going to be in the midst of holiday parties and family functions.  As we do it is a good time to discuss DUI cases here in San Diego.


San Diego DUI prosecutors are tough.  I was one of them for several years.  I understand their desire to be zealous in their prosecution.  However, there is arguments in almost every case.  There is mistakes in virtually every case.  This includes the police making the mistake and believing a client is DUI.

We then go into court and it is a battle with the prosecution in lowering the charge.  We are also in the battle arguing the terms of a potential resolution with the judge.  The prosecutor throws out public safety.  As a defense attorney, you have to have more than your clients a great person.  You need to show that AND have legal arguments. It is truly a tug of war.  I walk in feeling one way and it switches in the course of the conference our way (often).

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Cally Bright, deputy district attorney, said more officers will be out on the roads in the next few weeks setting up DUI checkpoints. But while there is some state funding to help police agencies set up these holiday checkpoints, it is much harder to be proactive the rest of the year, Bright said.

“Honestly, we’re in triage mode,” she said. “I do so many presentations and trainings for officers. When you look at the total, we’d like to be doing more of that. We want more outreach into high schools. Law enforcement is so overwhelmed with cases.”

Several cities in San Diego County have laws requiring employees who sell or serve alcohol to be trained in cutting off drunk patrons and slowing down alcohol service, including Carlsbad, Chula Vista, El Cajon and National City, according to Marian Novak, director of the Responsible Hospitality Coalition. But the City of San Diego, Del Mar and Escondido, among others, don’t mandate the state-supplied training.

Novak said the training can be vital to reducing drunk driving accidents because more than 40 percent of San Diego drunk drivers had their last drink at a bar or restaurant. That’s according to the Coalition’s “Place of Last Drink” survey, given to participants in licensed DUI programs across the county.

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