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Nurse with a San Diego DUI. RN What to do when you have a driving under the influence charge. DUI Defense Lawyer Attorney explains how to handle your case. Nursing license

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When someone is arrested for a San Diego DUI, they quickly turn to how much an impending DUI charge is going to impact their lives.  For nurses, this can mean putting their jobs in jeopardy.  Many of my clients are professionals.  Of all the professions, nursing ranks as one that a San Diego DUI impacts.  Any attorney who deals with these cases will tell you the best thing to do is get the best resolution possible.  Call our office for a free consultation at 858-751-4384.

I am happy to say that my last client got a dismissal.  That is an exceptional result, but we examine every case with the intent of examining acquittal.  I have the pleasure of representing dozens of nurses when they have been facing a DUI. These follks have to deal with the nursing board as well as the courts and the DMV. Their feeling of the San Diego DUI arrest impacting their lives is more than most others. It is essential as a San Diego DUI attorney in navigate the client through the process. A San Diego DUI can have far reaching unintended consequnces. A person needs to find out the extent of how this event will affect them. I believe it is a vital for the attorney to investigate the possibilities and begin moving to the most favorable position as possible for the client. Our firm knows how to navigate these cases to ensure a favorable outcome. If you are a nurse and have been arrested for a DUI call our office at 858-751-4384 for a free consultation.

San Diego is home to countless numbers of nurses. Whether it is a family bound nurse in Allied Gardens or a young professional living in Pacific Beach, these persons are anchors of the San Diego community. They are an essential piece of the San Diego community. There is absolutely no doubt a San Diego DUI can impact a nurse and her job.

The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) maintains control of nurses’ licenses, renewals and new applications in regards to San Diego DUI cases. All convictions must be reported to the Board except for minor traffic offenses. A San Diego DUI is not a minor traffic offense. It is considered a misdemeanor and in some instances a felony offense.

Our firm works with some of the best in the business on helping nurses once the case has resolved get the best outcome possible. It is key to find specialists in each area. After your case has resolved you take your case to the BRN. The BRN reviews all prior convictions and arrests. The Board, in its review, takes into consideration the nature, severity and recency of the offense as well as the rehabilitation of the individual. The rehabilitation may consist of court ordered consequences, such as a San Diego DUI class, along with any other factors that would put the applicant in good standing. Each case is reviewed individually by the BRN regarding disqualification.

All offenses must be reported and eventually a certified copy of court documents and arrest reports must be submitted to the nursing board. A detailed description of the circumstances and lifestyle changes or rehabilitation may also be required.

There can be a wide range of consequences all based on the nurse, her work history, and the severity of the her San Diego DUI case. There is no doubt that hiring an experienced attorney is worth the investment.

If you are a nurse in San Diego county and has a DUI contact our firm now at 858-751-4384 to get started.

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