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San Diego DUIs and Gun rights. What can someone expect with a DUI conviction. San Diego DUI Lawyer Attorney explains how rights can be affected.

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A San Diego DUI has unintended consequences. People expect classes, license suspensions and fines. Sometimes there is trash pickup. In some instances, there can be jail. However, San Diego DUIs go further than that. Relying on your friend or family DUI experience from years ago can find yourself in unexpected issues. The key is to get an experienced attorney to navigate you through the situation. Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz at 858-751-4384.

One of those unintended consequences is gun rights and San Diego DUIs

the gun range san diego

Are you an owner of one or more firearms? Or, are you looking to purchase a firearm in the near future? Does a San Diego DUI conviction have any effect on your ability to possess or purchase firearms? It is a good question.

Who is ineligible to possess a firearm?

Any person convicted of any felony (including felony San Diego DUI), certain firearms offenses, anyone with a domestic violence restraining order, anyone who has been committed to a mental institution, and anyone who has committed certain misdemeanors are ineligible to possess or purchase firearms in California.

We mentioned that people convicted of “certain misdemeanors” cannot possess or own a firearm. Most of these deal with domestic violence. Fortunately, a San Diego misdemeanor DUI will not preclude you from possessing or purchasing a firearm. However, a conviction for a felony DUI will preclude you from possessing or purchasing a firearm for life.

Lots of honorable citizens enjoy their handguns and rifles. Whether it be for hunting, target shooting, protecting oneself from bears and mountain lions while in the local mountains, or for protecting the family and home. The right to bear arms is nearly a sacred rite for many people.

If you are facing DUI charges, or more specifically, felony DUI charges, then your right to possess firearms may be at risk. You need to call the Law Office of Mark Deniz to ensure your guns rights are secure and to navigate yourself through a San Diego DUI at 858-751-4384.

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