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Tiger Woods Arrested for DUI. Celebrities can get DUIs Too. San Diego DUI Lawyer Attorney explains Driving under the influence

On Behalf of | May 29, 2017 | Firm News |

Tiger Woods was recently arrested for a DUI in Florida.

We will see how the case develops.  I wanted to talk a little about unintended consequences and celebrity DUIs.


Celebrities can get
DUIs Too

When someone gets a San Diego DUI, it is usually not plastered on the news unless someone has been harmed. However, as soon as a celebrity obtains a San Diego DUI, everyone hears about it. Well, another celebrity has obtained a DUI this month. Although it is reported that Svetlana, Richard Dreyfuss’ wife,
supposedly did well on the field sobriety tests (according to the article), it is reported that the case is at the District Attorney’s office to determine whether formal charges will be issued.

What does this mean
to me?

Just remember that anyone can get a San Diego DUI, whether you are a celebrity or not. So, although everyone makes mistakes, try to plan ahead and arrange for a designated driver, or get a taxi, rather than risking your life, money, or other’s lives Unintended consequences… it is one of the most appropriate terms for a San Diego DUI. Does someone’s decision making need to be scrutinized by their employer if someone gets a San Diego DUI?

A San Diego DUI comes with so many penalties. Some of which happen while the individual walks into court.

I have written in previous articles about DMV license suspensions, San Diego DUI fines, and DUI education courses.  The best situation is to contact the Law Offices of Mark Deniz now for a free consultation at 858-751-4384.

However, today we focus on an individual’s job. There are some professions (Nurses, teachers, police) who have to go through a process when receiving a San Diego DUI. Some jobs take it on a case-by-case basis. Should they?

On one hand people would say that individual’s decision making is in question and it needs to be determined they should continue with their job. On the other hand, who here has not gone out and had a fun time? Could it be a borderline blood alcohol level and just a drive into checkpoint a few miles from home? Were they even impaired? Has the individual shown any signs of alcohol abuse or bad decision making before? The facts should be taken into consideration and not act with a knee-jerk reaction.

It is a valid argument and a case can be made for both sides. I as an employer would ensure that any criminal charge would be brought to my attention. We then would look over the facts to see if there are any flags.

In any event, the unintended consequences of a San Diego DUI go far beyond the DMV and the courts. It can stretch all the way to your livelihood.

Below is an article on the issue. Have a great Sunday.

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