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Will a San Diego DUI affect your Car Insurance? How does a San Diego DUI impact your insurance rates? SR22 DUI Defense Lawyer explains

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One question I get a lot is how will a DUI charge affect my car insurance.
How long will this stay on my record?

If you are convicted of a San Diego DUI, you will soon learn that the DUI will have a direct impact on your auto insurance premiums.

The question is how long it will stay on my driving record?

The reporting period for a San Diego DUI in California is 10 years. This means that if an insurance company runs a person’s driving record, they will be able to see the DUI for 10 years. The companies will be insuring you at the rate they charge someone who has a DUI.

Will my insurance company even find out?

You are not legally required to call your auto insurance company and tell them about your San Diego DUI arrest. If you were only arrested for DUI, there shouldn’t be any insurance consequences. If you hire an attorney, you may beat your DUI charges, or they may be reduced to wet reckless through a plea bargain. Or, you may win the DMV APS Admin Per Se Hearing.  

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If you are convicted of DUI, your insurance company will eventually find out about it. Generally, auto insurance companies find out about DUIs when they run people’s driving record when their policy is up for a renewal, or when the policyholder is shopping out better rates and applying for new coverage.

Additionally, insurance companies find out about DUIs because the California Department of Motor Vehicles requires people to obtain an SR 22, which is a certificate of insurance proving that the driver meets the state’s minimum requirements for liability coverage.

Since the only way to obtain an SR 22 is through your auto insurance company, this is when insurance companies generally find out about it.

What if I’ve been getting the good driver discount?

Many clients have a spotless record before the DUI arrest. The insurance usually is giving them a good driver discount. An alcohol related offense will result in a loss of any good driver discounts. In addition to obtaining the SR 22, you’ll have to pay higher premiums because the DUI conviction labels you a “high risk” driver, which can increase your yearly premium up to $800 for each of the three years you’re required to maintain an SR 22.

Once it’s been 10 years since your DUI arrest, the California DMV will stop reporting it, and it’ll be as if it never happened. Then, you’ll be eligible for the good driver discount, assuming you’ve been a “good driver” since your DUI arrest.


Every person has a different driving history. Every insurance company is different.

The effect of a San Diego DUI is different with every person. Any alcohol related event will move the rates higher. The key is to get the best resolution possible on the court side to make sure your insurance rates are protected as can be. Check out the firm website to answer more questions about a San Diego DUI, the DUI process, and more.  Call our the Law Office of Mark Deniz now at 858-751-4384 to get the ball rolling.

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