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Can someone avoid jail on a second time San Diego DUI? DUI with a prior. DUI Lawyer Attorney explains. How to avoid jail.

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Firm News |

As a former Prosecutor for almost ten years, there is no doubt San Diego DUIs have gotten tougher penalties over the years.  New San Diego DUI laws and guidelines have gotten tougher.  Nowhere is this more evident than with a San Diego DUI with a prior.   Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz now to be proactive at 858-751-4384.

Differences between a first and second time San Diego DUI


The fine usually goes up a thousand dollars or so.  This is not the biggest deal when facing a San Diego DUI with a prior.

DUI Education Courses

These courses are usually a part of the plea agreement.  In a first time San Diego DUI, most people complete a three-month class.  A second time DUI course is much longer.  There are ways to bring the courses down, but it is more of the exception rather than the rule.  You want to explore your situation to see if your case is one of these fits into one of these exceptions.  These courses involve a lot of coursework, in-person classes, videos, and more. Not only does it eat up your time, but you also have to pay for it.

Jail Time

It is actually possible to get jail time for a DUI. This often does not happen on your first time San Diego DUI (unless you hurt someone). However, especially as you go up in number, your likelihood of being behind bars only goes up. On January 1, 2019, San Diego adopted new sentencing guidelines which increased the punishment for multiple San Diego DUIs.  What used to be a virtual guarantee of no jail is now a likely jail case.  Do not believe your friend who had a friend who said they had three DUIs and they did not see jail.  There is a new era.

So…does this mean there is no chance for a nonjail situation?  No way.  It is much more difficult.  The key is to be more proactive than ever to find legal defenses and present mitigation to get you the best resolution possible.Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz now to be proactive at 858-751-4384.

License Status

If you get your first DUI, it comes with its fair share of challenges. However, a second-time offense comes with a two-year license suspension.  There are strategies that can keep you on the road. Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz now to be proactive at 858-751-4384.


The key is to be proactive and put yourself in position to get the best resolution possible.  Call the Law Offices of Mark Deniz now to be proactive at 858-751-4384.

Hire a Proactive, affordable, and quality defense when you are facing San Diego DUI charges. Whether you have been charged of a San Diego DUI, Poway DUI, La Mesa DUI, Santee DUI, Mission Valley DUI, Clairemont DUI, Point Loma DUI, La Jolla DUI, Carmel Valley DUI, Mira Mesa DUI, Pacific Beach DUI, Del Mar DUI, Carmel Valley DUI, Encinitas DUI, Oceanside DUI, Escondido DUI, Vista DUI, San Marcos DUI, Carlsbad DUI, El Cajon DUI it is vital you need to hire an attorney who knows how to defend your rights and can determine if the government can prove their case. Contact the Law Office of Mark Deniz now for a free case evaluation at 858-751-4384.

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